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Today at Jimmy’s

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Today at Jimmy’s 1/4

Here at the shop we made it through the Holidays. We always do Inventory the week between Christmas and New Years, its not something all of us here at the shop look forward to because every item in the store needs to be counted, including every fly. Once all of our inventory is counted we start on the paperwork. We had a great year and thanks to all of our customers who support us. We hope you all had a good 2010 and we are looking forward to 2011.

One of the first things we are going to start 2011 off with is our Fly Tying Classes. We will be offering Beginning Fly Tying and Special Topics Classes. Our beginning class starts right at the very basics of fly tying, and teaches the students a solid foundation for tying many different types of patterns. This class covers everything from a #4 Wolley Bugger to #16 Dry Flies. Our special topics class is designed to focus on specific topics. In the past we have taught classes on Streamers, Stoneflies, Beadhead patterns, and Tube Flies. These classes will be available again for those of you who missed them last winter. However I am interested in organizing more special topics courses and if there is a topic you have an interest in, let us know and we will put it together. Check out the Tying Class Schedule on our website or by clicking here for the upcoming classes.


Today at Jimmy’s 12/16

I think we are at Day #5 for our “12 Gifts for the Holiday Season.” Today we are going to feature Nets. We have a great selection of Nets in the shop. We have Measure nets, that have a ruler in the bag allowing the angler to always be honest. Seriously though lets be honest no angler really is 100% truthful. Anyway lets get back on topic; Nets we have everything from beautiful wooden nets, to beat em’ up metal boat nets. We also carry Brodin Nets and they are just absolutely gorgeous.

Brodin Canoe Series Ghost Net

Smaller wading version of the Measure Net


Today at Jimmy’s 12/15

Going to keep this thing going and kick off gift #4.

Snake River Fly Fishing Through the Eyes of an Angler, by Boots Allen makes the list today. This is the first publication on the Snake River. This book is a Fly Fishing guide to the Snake River and the South Fork which includes information on the trout, patterns, tactics and the people.

This book is a must for any angler in the Eastern Idaho region.


Today at Jimmy’s 12/14

This is gift number 3! This gift I am really excited about because I think its the coolest thing since sliced bread. The Sumo Car Mount that is now available here at the shop is the Premiere Rod Mount system for carrying your rods from hole to hole by vehicle. There have been other rod mounts but this one by far is the best.

Check out this YouTube Video!

If that video doesn’t convince you nothing I am going to say will. This great piece of equipment retails for $150.00


Today at Jimmy’s 12/8

Alright here is day #2 for our holiday promotion, “Jimmy’s 12 Gifts for the Holiday Season.” Today’s gift is another great stocking stuffer for the Gentleman who enjoys the finer things in life. The Simms Flask. We have two different styles and sizes.

The Simms Artist Series Flask

  • The “Artist Series” Simms Flask features Derek DeYoung Brown Trout fish artwork
  • Stainless steel
  • 6 oz. flask
  • Made in the USA
  • $29.95
The Simms Solid Flask
  • The solid Simms Flask features rubberized exterior finish and Simms Trout
  • Stainless steel
  • 8 oz. flask
  • Made in the USA
  • $24.95

These are really nice high quality flasks. As always if you have any questions or want something different than the items we have mentioned here just stop on by and we are always will to help you out.


Today at Jimmys 12/6

Remember last year around this time I did a promotion to help you all with Holiday gifts for the season. Well I am kicking it off again this year. So here we go!

Welcome to the 2nd Annual Jimmy’s All Seasons Angler 12 gifts for the Holiday’s! This year we have an awesome selection of gifts/stocking stuffer’s  for the fly angler in your life.(Guys I am doing this for your wives and loved ones so make sure you give them the link!) We will be featuring 12 gifts from now until a few days before Christmas.

Today’s gift is a simple inexpensive item that we think is a no brainer for the Holidays. Allow me to introduce you to the Simms Early Riser Mug.

The Early Riser Mug is a coffee mug for any angler, featuring the DeYoung art work.This mug also features a rubber gasket on the lid to prevent spills in the truck and on you!

  • The “Artist Series” mug is the newest addition to the Simms “Artist Series” of products, features Derek DeYoung fish artwork
  • The Simms Camo mug features our own unique Simms Trout camo pattern
  • 450ml Stainless steel tumbler mug
  • $24.95

Also the Simms 1 Litter Water Bottle

This 33 once water bottle is made of aluminum and is BPA free. Trow it in the boat, clip it to your fishing vest or you pack. This is a great water bottle to carry your favorite drink in.

  • Offered in “Artist Series” and Simms Camo artwork
  • BPA-free aluminum
  • 33 ounce capacity
  • Includes carabiner for easy attachment and an extra drinking cap
  • Fits in the water bottle pockets on the Simms Headwaters™ Bags & Packs
  • The Artist Series bottle features Derek DeYoung Tarpon fish art
  • $29.95

Keep posted to the website for the next 11 Days! If you noticed I did 2 items today but they are kinda the same type of item, and I’m running this program so I can do what I want…right? As always if you have any questions call the shop and stop in we have many other great items as well that unfortunately we wont be able to feature during this promotion.


Today at Jimmy’s

We are starting our Fly tying demos tomorrow. They are free to the public, and start at 10am and will go till about 1pm. Lori Burchinal and Wade Moultin will be demonstrating their skills and techniques for anyone interested. We have a great season of Tying Demos lined out for the winter. We are very excited to get the season started off!


Today at Jimmy’s 11/17

I am so excited about the shipment we got in today. We received some new Rod Mounts for your car or truck. These are by far the most superior rod mounts I have ever seen. I can’t wait to drive down the road at normal highway speeds instead of 55 mph. Check out this youtube video here.

Sumo rod carriers sell for only $150

A couple other new fly tying items we have in the shop. We now have Dyed Silver Pheasant feathers. These are great for steelhead flies and streamers. This feather is a good substitute for Guinea hackle. We also have Spey Plumes. This is a unique material it is Ostrich Herl on a smaller feather that you can wrap like hackle. The herl fibers are also great for small nymphs.


Today at Jimmy’s

This fall I have had the oppertunity to go do a lot of Steelhead fishing. I thought I would share some photos with you from some of my trips. I have been spending a lot of time the last few years learning about Spey fishing, its safe to say its a new obsession. I have been drawn to Spey fishing mostly because it involves chasing what I feel is one of the most desirable species to have pulling on the end of your line. Another reason is Spey casting is not something you learn to do overnight or during a weekend. I compare it to mastering a golf swing, it doesn’t take much to learn the basics, but to be a good spey caster it takes many hours and hours of practice. I got to go to Oregon to fish in September to start the season off. My good friend Ryan Beck came with me, everything we did was focused on catching fish. Ryan and I would spend nights tying flies by lantern light and listening to music  and getting excited to to try out a new pattern the next morning. We would fish hard everyday, and surprisingly eat very little food. We were to busy trying to catch fish and would crash in our sleeping bags to do it all over again the next day. It was fishing bumming at it’s finest.

Here at the shop we have a good selection of Spey and Switch Rods. The good news is you don’t have to spend a fortune to get into an outfit. Redignton makes a really nice line of Spey rods at a very good price, they cast and fish well. Sage has a new Spey rod called the VPS, which has replaced the VT2 series. We still have some VT2 rods left and they are on sale! We offer classes for casting and have a large selection of DVD’s on Spey fishing and casting. If you would like to know more about spey casting come into the shop and we will be happy to answer any questions you might have.

Photos courtesy of Ryan G. Beck and Tim Woodard


Today at Jimmys 10/7

We have some great rod specials going right now. All Sage VT2, and Winston BIIx Fly rods have been marked down 25% from their retail price. They are brand new rods and still have a lifetime warranty.This is a great deal. We have three VT2 Spey rods available, if you have ever wanted to learn how to spey fish are purchase a spey rod this is a great price for a really nice spey rod.

Jimmy and I have been working this week on our 2011 spring orders. I get so excited this time of year when I get to see all the new stuff. Speaking of new stuff we have some new Cliff boxes and accessories we got in the shop. We have a new Pink fly box for the ladies (and you sensitive men), we also have some new floatant and fly patches available.