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Today at Jimmy’s

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Today at Jimmy’s 9-4-10

In preparation for the 2011 we are starting to close out items that are being discontinued next year. We have both men’s and women’s clothing from Cloudveil on sale. The Simms  pursuit shoe and pursuit wading sandal are also being updated for next year and we have those at 40 percent off.

Also if you you have not heard Simms is offering their rebate program again this Fall. Bring in your old pair of waders and get $50.00 off on a pair of G4Z, G4Pro or G3 guide waders. In order to participate you need to go to the Simms web page and print off a voucher which you then bring into our shop along with your old pair of waders. We have most sizes in stock and if we don’t have your size we can order it.


Today at Jimmy’s 7/13

Its officially summertime here in Southeastern Idaho. The weather has been great and the so has the fishing. We have some great fishing to come throughout the  entire summer. As you come into the shop this summer you will notice we have really beefed up our fly selection. We added a second tier to the fly bins allowing us to display and carry almost 50% more flies from our previous inventory. If you haven’t noticed the new addition come check it out.

Parker Stenerson has been helping out in the shop this summer. Parker is the son of John Stenerson who worked for us here at Jimmy’s for over 10 years. John is an accomplished fisherman and has been teaching Parker the ropes his entire life. Parker has a great understanding of the rivers, streams, and Lakes in our area. He is more than will to help you find that special spot or lead you to a good fly pattern to have a great day fishing. Parker gets to fish a lot and knows his stuff. Did I mention he is a Pro Staff member for Scientific Anglers, Lamson Waterworks Reels and St Croix Rods. You can find Parker in the shop in the mornings helping customers get flies picked out for a great day on the river.


Today at Jimmy’s 7/5

We have been really busy getting everyone outfitted to go fishing these past weeks and I kinda forgot to update Today at Jimmy’s sorry to all of you who check this regularly. Couple items to bring to your attention.


We have a great selection of rods and reels in the shop right now.  We have rods and reels that meet all levels of anglers and pocketbooks. Speaking of economical rods we have the deal of the century…seriously! Right now we have the Redington Red Fly 2 with a Redington Reel and Rio line on sale right now! Here’s the details… This is a 4 piece rod with a lifetime warranty. The reel is spooled up with backing and line all you need to do is tie a fly on and go fishing. It also comes with a rod and reel case. Regular price on this item is $300, we are selling them at $175. If you are a beginner, seasoned pro who needs a back up rod, it doesn’t matter this is a great deal!

Shop Talk

If you haven’t been in the shop in the last month than you haven’t met Everett. Everett is helping us out this summer while Rollin and I are on the River guiding. Everett hails from Rexburg, and loves to fish. He loves fishing stillwater, and has an obsession for Smallmouth Bass and Carp! Everett is happy to help anyone figure out how to catch fish on any piece of water. Check out his employee questionnaire here. Come in and meet Everett!


Today at Jimmy’s 07-02-10

We will open on Saturday July 3rd with our usual hours of 9:00 am to 6:00 pm. we will be close on Sunday and open again on Monday. Have a great Holiday and good luck if you get out fishing.


Today at Jimmy’s 6-5-10

An update/reminder for South Fork-Snake River fly-fishing fans and anyone interested in area fly-fishing.  Boots Allen will be in the shop, Saturday, June 12 beginning 10 AM to sign copies of his recently released book “Snake River Fly Fishing: Through the Eyes of an Angler”.  Boots will also tie examples of flies featured in the book, give presentation thoughts for them, answer questions on the content of his book, and offer angling strategies  for the Snake River.  We have a good stock of these books on hand, but if you cannot be at Boot’s book signing, come in to buy a copy and leave ideas on how you would like him to personalize your book.  Then come in for the book at your convenience.

Looking for a great Father’s Day gift?  This book would work just fine!


Today at Jimmy 6/1

I got out and fished the Box Canyon yesterday with my family and some friends. Took my daughter Paisley on her first float down the river.

I flipped over a rock and found a healthy population of stonefly nymphs about ready to hatch.

This is why we fish rubberlegs all the time. Stonefly nymphs are a constant supply of food for the fish in the river. As much as the fish like them, I am almost convinced that Paisley likes them more.

(What the heck is this?)

What do you think: do I have a river bum in the making?


Today at Jimmy’s 5/24

Shop Talk

We have all been getting out and fishing this past week. Rollin has been on the Henry’s Fork everyday he has off. Jimmy has been chasing warm water fish, and I have been getting out when I can. I am getting out tomorrow to fish the South Fork, I’m planning on chucking streamers looking for some hungry brown trout. General Season opens this Sat. and we all are excited to go fish our favorite streams and sections of river that have been closed all winter.

Speaking of the holiday weekend we have received Yellowstone Park Licenses. Come down to the shop and get yours early to beat the rush for opening day on Saturday. If you get some good pictures while your out this weekend send them to the shop we need to beef up our photo gallery. Have a great Week and Holiday!


Today at Jimmy’s 5-18-10

We have on hand a large stock of Boots Allen’s  just released book Snake River Fly Fishing.  This is the first major book to describe fly fishing on the upper Snake River including the South Fork reach from Palisades Dam to the Henry’s Fork confluence.   Within, Boots discusses angling strategies, effective fly patterns, personalities, and natural history.  Whether you enjoy fishing the South Fork  reach or the river above  Palisades Reservoir, this definitive book will have  information that will enhance your angling experience.

Mark  Saturday, June 12th on your calendar as a day to be at Jimmy’s.

Here’s why:  Beginning at 10:00 AM, Boots Allen will be at the shop to sign copies of Snake River Fly Fishing and tie  flies featured within.  For sure he will discuss the contents and give fly fishing tips for the upcoming season. Looking for a great Father’s Day gift?  This book fits the bill!

Boots Allen

Can’t be at the shop during this event? Come in beforehand to obtain a copy, leave instructions on how you want Boots to sign it, and pick up at your convenience.


Today at Jimmy’s 5/7

Shop Talk

Rolling went Fishing last Sat and got blown off the water while he was looking for Carp. Jimmy went out on Wed. and had some fun fishing for Bass, but he also saw some major wind. I get to go fishing this afternoon and there is no wind! HA, don’t ask me how it worked out this way but I am happy it did!

New Merchandise

We have got some really neat stuff for tying nymphs its called Flash Back. Its a Hareline product and is mostly used for wing cases on bead head nymphs and stoneflies. We have 14 different colors to choose from which opens up tons of possibilities for this product.

We also have this new product that I am actually really excited about. The boys over at Flymen Fishing Company (they produce the tungsten nymph head beads) have a new product out called Fish Skulls. These are weighted heads for streamers. Works like a conehead or a beadhead for weighting your streamer but is attached differently.


Quick-and-simple to tie, this latest innovation in fly tying offers fly fishermen an exciting alternative to using old-style dumbbells or cones to weight their flies. The Fish-Skull™ has unique design features making it a very versatile platform for tying a wide variety of realistic, weighted streamer patterns using natural or synthetic fly tying materials.