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Today at Jimmy’s

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Today at Jimmy’s 3-10

Just a couple new items to talk about. Before I move to that subject, just in case you haven’t heard the fishing is really good right now. If you get a chance to get out, go catch some fish its good for the soul, and a good cure for that cabin fever.

We have received some pretty cool hair stacker’s from Montana Fly Co. Many of you have seen the the River Camo tying scissors and forceps. We now carry River camo hair stacker’s! They come in Rainbow, River Rock, and Brown trout. You can get these stacker’s in two different sizes, Small and Large.

River Camo Hair Stacker

We also have received a new tying tool from Dr. Slick called a dubbing tool. This tool has a half hitch tool on the end and on the tip has two different types of Velcro for picking out dubbing.


We also have some new metal tubes from Eumer Tube Fly Co. These are metal tubes that are great for tying streamers. They come in a package with cone heads and the tube included. All you need to do is attach the tube to your vise and tie your fly, add the cone head and your finished. If you have questions about tying tube flies call us or come into the shop and we will walk you through the whole process.


Today at Jimmy’s 3-8

Well its Monday morning and the sun is shinning and Jimmy and I are here at the shop. We both wish we could be fishing on this beautiful morning but someones gotta sell you guys all this stuff. I was looking at the weather report for the week and this would be a great week to dust off the fly rod put your waders on and hit the rivers. The average high temperature is going to be in low 40’s all week.

This last Saturday was a really good fly tying demo. We really enjoyed have Lawrence here tying. He did such a great job and really showed many of you the advantage of tube flies. Randy will be making DVD’s for the shop and you can come check them out.

Sale!!! We are have a sale going on with our Simms shirts. Buy one Simms shirt and get a Redington long sleeve shirt for free! We also have selected men’s cloudveil pants at 40% off retail price.


Today at Jimmy’s 3-5

We have Lawrence Stuemke coming to do a class tonight, and he will be tying for our Saturday Morning Demo. We still have a few openings in the class tonight. The class is for tube flies, and articulated streamers. Lawrence will also be doing a presentation tomorrow afternoon at 3pm on Fly Fishing in Mongolia.


Today at Jimmy’s 3-01

Not much going on today. Lots of people are getting out and fishing in this great weather. Cabin fever has hit Southeastern Idaho, and we have talked to many people who have been waiting for this nice weather to get out.

We have a really great class coming up on Fri. night. It is a tube fly class that will also go over some articulated streamers. I have mentioned this class before and wanted to remind you all about it. Call the shop to sign up and get more details.  We also have a few selected Simms Wading Boots on sale right now. There is still a really good selection of sizes but they will not last long. This is a good chance to save up to 40% on a new pair of felt soled wading boots. If you don’t want to make the change to rubber sole wading boots come get a pair of felt soled boots before they are all gone.


Today at Jimmy’s 2-27

I got the oppertunity to go fishing yesterday on the lower South Fork. We had a really good time and the fishing was pretty good. We found most of our success in the afternoon. Mostly nymphing and a small amount of streamer fishing. We didn’t see a soul until we decided to head back to the truck and passed some gear fisherman. Winter fishing is a lot of fun and the water is so crystal clear. It was fun to see fish suspended in the deep water.

Eric Beck Fishing in Feb.

Eric was kind enough to pose for me while I snapped this shot. We found most of our success in the tailout’s of the riffles. We also found good success in the deep eddy pools.

Winter time Cutthroat Trout

This Yellowstone Cutthroat fell victim to a squirrel streamer. Stripping streamers can produce some fish just remember to strip them really slow and let them sink to the bottom.

I had an interesting experience yesterday when I tried to cross the river three different times. Each time I tried to cross I put myself in a situation were almost went swimming. That would have ended my day of fishing really quick. The river looks low and slow but it is still very powerful. So be careful while fishing.


Today at Jimmy’s 2-25

Guess who’s back?

Jimmy G.

I am happy to to inform you that Jimmy has returned from his extended fishing trip to Mexico safe and sound. I will try and get him to post some photos of his trip and the big bonefish he caught down in Belize.

I am glad he is back cause when Jimmy leaves I get to watch the shop and I will let you in on a little secret…its a lot of work! We will continue our fly tying demos on Sat. mornings until the end of March. We have some really good tiers coming to show off their skills. Click here for the schedule.


Today at Jimmy’s 2-20

Just a couple things to update everyone. We have two special topics classes coming up the are going to be really good.

Lawrence Stuemke is teaching a tying class about tube flies, and articulated streamers. Tim Woodard is also teaching a class called Super Stoneflies. This class will cover the adult stage of stonflies, from the big Salmon fly down to the Yellow Sallie and the Skwala. Both of these classes are going to be really good and there will be many techniques and secrets shared. To find out more information call the shop or click here. To sign up call us and we will get your name on the list.


Today at Jimmy’s

We have a lot of things going on right now at the shop. In fact we have gotten so busy trying to keep tying materials stocked up, working getting ready for the upcoming season, we have neglected to post some information for you.

We have some fun fly tying classes coming up in march. There will be a tube fly class taught by one of our sales reps Lawrence Stuemke. He will be teaching the class on Friday evening March 5th than will be doing a tying demo the next morning. This course is $50 and you will need to provide a tube fly vise, or a tube fly attachment. We have more information on our classes page that you can access by clicking here

We also received some new dubbing in the shop this last week. We now have a great selection of Scud Dubbing. This dubbing is a synthetic material for tying scud patterns. It will work well for other nymph patterns as well. Scud dubbing was brought into the shop by the request of Kelley Glissmeyer. Many of you were here for Kelley’s tying demo where is demonstrated how to use this great stuff!


Today at Jimmy’s January 28, 2010

Pott flies, especially the sandy mite, are going through a popularity rebirth around the Rocky Mountain west.  In response to your requests for materials to tie the venerable sandy mite, we now offer packaged light brown (tan) horse mane,  traditionally used to weave their bodies.  We also have orange floss in two and four ply types, the other material needed to weave these classic  Montana patterns.   We recommend hooks such as,  Daiichi 1560, Dai-Riki 075, Mustad 3906, and TMC 3761 for sandy mites.  Don’t forget the 6/0 black thread!


Today at Jimmy’s

We have set some new Fly tying classes for the New Year. We have 3 beginning classes that will go for 5 consecutive weeks from 6:30-8:30 on the respective nights. The class is $50, and students need to either purchase a kit or provide their own materials. Listed below are the starting dates:

Wed. January 13th

Mon. January 18th

Tues. Feb. 2nd

If you would like to learn how to tie flies this is your opportunity. We have very experienced and patient instructors who are willing to help you learn the basics of fly tying. Call the shop today to reserve your spot. 524-7160. If these dates don’t work for you call the shop and get your name on our list and we will contact you when we have new classes scheduled. You can also check out our classes page on the website by clicking here