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Today at Jimmys 9-01-09

We are starting to see some of the new products that will be available beginning this Fall and into next year.

SIMMS is coming out with a line of insect repeling clothing named “No Fly Zone” next Spring. We’ll be ordering it this Fall to make sure we have a good inventory for next year.  We’ll have the new Sage XI3 rods in soon. They are made primarily for salt water and are light than the XI2 rods they are replacing.

We are going to reorganize our fly tying materials area late this Fall (after fishing and hunting slows down!) and bring in some new materials that we think will work for this area. We are always open to suggestions on what material to carry so feel free to recommend a material that you would like us to add.

This week we did add 11 new colors of Arizona Simi Seal. Simi seal as a wet fly/streamer  dubbing that we use on the bodies of nymphs, leeches, steelhead flies and streamers.


Today at Jimmys 08-12-09

We are now stocking the Rio Max Plus tippet and leaders. It is a stiffer nylon than the Powerflex so it will turn over bigger flies easier. The leaders are 10 feet long and come in tippet sizes 3x to .013″.  The tippet spools also come in those diameters. For our area the best uses for Rio Max Plus material will be for streamer fishing, casting big bushy dries and steelhead fishing.

The steelhead counts are starting to look good for this Fall. There was quite a thermal block on the Columbia River through this weekend but the weather has cooled and the fish are moving again. We should see some fish by mid October like we had last year. We  have some new steelhaed patterns developed by John Stenersen that are tied by Riverborn Fly Company. Four of the new steelhead patterns are tube fly versions of some of his popular patterns. I like tube flies because they ride even in the water and you are not sometimes discovering that your fly has been riding upside down for who knows how long. I also  think I land a higher percentage of fish once I have them hook up because of they can’t twist the fly out of their mouths. If you have never rigged a tube fly just ask us and we can show you.


Today at Jimmys 8-04-09

After too long of absense from our shop we are happy to have Peterson’s Liquid Cork floatant back on the shelf.  Its made locally by Lance Peterson and his floatant has a strong following. Its a very liquid floatant that works well on all kinds of dries – tiny sizes as well as big dries. For those of you that like to mix up white gas and mucilin I would suggest Lance’s stuff because its safer and works just as well. (Especially around cigar smoking flyfishers)

We are closing out our supply of the the Simms Felt Sole river sandals at $65.00 down from $89.95. We still have plenty of sizes. The new Simms sandal with the vibram sole has become very popular so its time for the felt models to go.


Today at Jimmy’s 7-29-09

Last week we talked about Joe Allen’s double renegade. This week let’s look at another South Fork favorite with decades of popularity.  It’s Wes Newman’s super-X, and few flies have proven as effective there.  Wes took the old super renegade, first created in the late 1950s by Ardell Jeppson, and made changes.  Wes’s modification initially was to replace the central brown hackle with rubber legs tied diagonally to form a horizontal “X”.  Thus the super-X.  Later Wes replaced the rear grizzly hackle with gray Antron yarn.  Later changes by Wes and others were mainly in body colors.   Wes saw that his fly was most effective when swept slightly submerged close to overhangs, sweepers and undercut banks, then pulled back into the stream. Trout lying under these features would interpret it as an escaping food form and chase it.  Seeing that the super-X has never lost its effectiveness, we stock and highly recommend it.   We also thank Wes for his wonderfully effective pattern.


Today at Jimmy’s 7-22-09

Summer season is in full swing here at the shop now that the South Fork has started fishing well. We usually get to the shop well before opening 9 am to get the shop ready for the day. Its really alot of fun working in the shop during the summer season. In additon to seeing many of the local anglers we see people from all over the U.S. and many foreign countries.

On a good water year like we have this year there are many other waters to fish than just the South Fork so it spreads fishing pressure. It also makes it difficult to choose where you want to go which is a good problem I guess.

We have brought in some new patterns this summer.  Some are completely new and some are just tweeks on older patterns. Years ago the double humpy was a standard for the Snake near Jackson.  It was tied and popularized by Boots Allen and a few years later made its way over the hill and was popular on the South Fork below Palisades. It was tied with an  orange or yellow body in sizes 4 through 8. We have expanded the colors and added olive and pink and tied it down to size 16. It will make a good terrestrial or sally pattern in the smaller sizes.  In the bigger sizes they have always produced along the banks or where two currents meet to form a seam.

One new item has arrived this week. It is the new Simms PBA-free aluminum water bottle. It holds 22 ounces and features Derek DeYoung art in either a rainbow or brown trout design.


Today at Jimmy’s 6-30-09

Good News lake Fisherman!!!!!!!!! We know have our Deep Releasing Lake Strike Indicators for sale on our website. So all you guys that are living up in Island Park you don’t need to drive down to the shop to buy some we can ship them to you! Also we have some new colors as well. Bright Pink and Orange in the larger Indicators to help you see strikes while fishing during all conditions. We have a lot of RIO Products on our online store as well. If you have any questions or need help deciding on a new fly line feel free to call us or send us an email.

For our customers on Facebook. We are starting a photo contest in July. Submit your photos to our fan page and at the end of the month we will choose the best one. We will feature this photo on the website and you will recieve a Jimmy’s logo fly box with a dozen flies, picked by Jimmy himself. Tell you friends to become a fan and join in on the fun!


Today at Jimmy’s 06-25-09

All of Rio’s fly lines are now available through our online store! This includes Saltwater, Spey and Outbound lines. We will continue to add more of Rio’s products that will be availabe for purchase. Soon you will be able to purchase any item in Rio’s catalog through our online store. Be sure to check out our closeout deals online. We have just lowered price another $50! You will not be able to find deals like this anywhere else on brand new equipment, gear and clothing!


Today at Jimmy’s 6-23-09

The high water on the South Fork has a lot of people talking. Unfortunately there is not much we can do about except sit and watch the water come up. Although this will effect the fishing right now, have no fear the fishing will be very good once the flows stabilize and come down. In the meantime try fishing somewhere you haven’t been in a long time or explore a new trout stream. Maybe you will find a new favorite fishing spot. Many spots have been fishing well like the Henry’s Fork, Warm River, Robinson Creek, and Yellowstone Park.

Between fishing new spots and waiting for the South Fork to become fishable again come on down to the shop and pay us a visit. We have lots and lots of great new merchandise to check out. We just got  large shipment of Fishpond Acessories. Fishpond has lots of different styles of chest bags, fishing vest, and backspacks to carry all your gear. We have also got a huge selection of new T-Shirts from Simms, great new designs and styles. Lets not forget sun protection! Jimmys All Seasons Angler has a large selection of sun blocking merchandise. From natural sunblock to the Original Buff, to Shirts that are rated 30spf! We also have mosquito repelant to keep those nasty bugs from bitting you! As always come down and chat with us about fishing, and we are always excepting photos for our Photo Gallery, email them to [email protected]


Today at Jimmy’s 6-18-09

With the South Fork blown out, the Henry’s Fork is fishing really well. We have also heard really great things about the lakes and reservoirs south of Idaho falls. Yellowstone Park is also fishing well. Talk to Bruce to find out his favorite places to fish in Yellowstone, and Tom will be happy to help you figure out which lake you can find some big trout.

We posted some ew items on the Online Store. We now have fly lines from RIO Products. Keep posted to the online store because we are continuing to add more products. Eventually we will have all of RIO’s products available to purchase for our online store. If you need a new Trout fly line head over to our online store and pick one out today!


Today at Jimmy’s 6-15-09

We have received some new t-shirt from Simms. They have really great prints on them from the artist Derek DeYoung, and his paintings of trout. The Henry’s Fork Days is coming up this weekend. Jimmy will be upu there so if you see him be sure to say hello. Also we have many great ideas for those Fathers. Nothing shows application and love like a fathers day gift from Jimmy’s All Seasons Angler.

If you happen to be a memeber of facebook go check out our facebook page! We need 1000 fans so that we can get a facebook domain name. Tell your friends to become fans and show your support for the shop on facebook.