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Today at Jimmy’s 5-26-09

We’re all happy that the dry fly fishing is picking up on the Henry’s Fork. This hatch is always a benchmark for the season. Everyone looks forward to the dry flies, and the start of another great year of fishing. This is also a critical time in the shop because we work all winter to prepare for this time of the season and the months to follow. Our flies are here and ready for you to take to the river!

There are a few changes that have been going around that are important for us to address. The first item is the Idaho Invasive Species Fund. This was a law that was passed through the Department of Agriculture, and is effective right now. Click here for the information about this law, and to purchase your sticker.

The other changes effect the fisherman who float the South Fork of the Canyon. The BLM has changed some regulations for this section. If you are planning on a day trip through the canyon you are required to carry a wag bag in your boat. These are available at the Conant Boat ramp. Regulations for camping have changed as well. There are new campgrounds in the canyon, and camping is only allowed on the designated campsites.  The use of fires in these campsites have changed. You need to have a firepan. According to the brochure that is provided from the BLM an approved fire pan is a durable, metal fire pan at least 12 inches square, with at least an inch and a half deep. You also have to have an reusable portable toliet that seals. Snap on portable toliets must have rubber gasket around the lid. The only exception is a Wag Bag or a RESTOP bag system. But these have to be stored in a sealed container. Feel free to contact the BLM in Idaho Falls as well at 208-524-1012 if you have questions, or you need more information.


Today at Jimmy’s 05-21-09

2009 Yellowstone Park Fishing Licenses are here at the shop for sale! Many Yellowstone Park waters open to fishing this weekend.  2009 Yellowstone Park fishing licenses are in the shop.  Stop in on your way there to get one and learn the latest info on Park waters and flies to use there.

We have also received our first shipment of flies for the summer. We have a lot of new patterns guaranteed to catch fish at some point! Come check out our new patterns and stop by to get a up to the minute fishing report.

If you have been known to log onto facebook, look for us there. Jimmy’s All Seasons Angler has a facebook page. Go post fishing photos, or comments, be sure to tell all your facebook friends as well.


Today at Jimmy’s

We have received our latest shipment from Simms. As I mentioned before they are leading the industry in the movement to get rid of felt to help stop the spreading of Aquatic Invasive species. We have received many different styles of wading boots with the new patented Streamtread design. Come down and be the first of your fishing buddies to help stop the transportation of invasive species. While your here check out all our new shirts and hats from Simms.

The local Trout Unlimited club is sponsoring the bluegill day at Twinn Lakes coming up at the end of the month on Sat. May 30th. Our very own Jimmy Gabettas that you all know and love is hosting this event. It’s been said that he is actually part bluegill. We have a sign up sheet here at the shop. All forms of fishing is welcome at this event. Come sign up and learn how to catch bluegill in Idaho.


Today at Jimmy’s 5-7-09

Today at Jimmy’s we have watched the wind blow all day. It is supposed to subside tomorrow, lets hope that it does. This spring has been interesting, if the sun is shinning the wind has been blowing, otherwise it has been cold and raining or snowing. All of this means that we will have excellent water in August and September.

If you haven’t had a chance to check out our new online store we have some really good deals going on. The closeout section has a few different items with extremely good prices. You will not be able to find prices like this anywhere else. Take advantage of our closeout deals, they will not last long. We are continually working on the online store to grow our selection of merchandise. I will keep you all updated on the new additions to the store.

Don’t get to discouraged over the wind and the crappy spring weather. Salmon flies are on there way, It won’t be long now and we will all be casting huge sofa pillows to hungry trout along the banks.


Today at Jimmy’s 5-1-09

Today our sales rep from Simms Fishing Products was in town to show us the new fall line for Simms gear and to talk to us about the new Streamtread Vibram sole wading boots. Up to this point I was really scepticle about the new rubber sole beause it didn’t feel sticky and gummy. After learning about the new Streamtread sole, and the extensive testing that went into developing this product, I can’t help but be very excited. Simms has always had a reputation for being the leader in fishing gear. They were the first company to offer a relief zipper for waders, and now they are leading the technology for wading boots. Over the next few Today at Jimmy’s Posts I am going to address the issue of Invasive species and how we can be intrumental in stopping the spreading of these organisms. I am also going to address what the fishing industry is developing to help as well.


Today at Jimmy’s 4-29-09

We have been busy getting ready for summer time here at Jimmy’s. We have started into our runoff season, but don’t worry there is a lot of fishing oppertunities that still exsist in southeast idaho. Check our fishing reports for the local resevoirs and streams. I personally love the spring time because the high water on the South Fork and the Henry’s Fork forces me to explore other water to fish. I rekindle my love for warm water species like bluegill, crappie, and bass during this time of year. I grew up fishing for warm water fish on a spinning rod and it has been a blast learning to catch these fish on the fly. As spring continues and the rivers get high look for oppertunities to catch some nice fish. Come ask us at the shop and we will be able to point you in the right direction.


Today at Jimmy’s 4-21-09

Spring is officially here! The temperature was up to 70 degrees yesterday. Don’t be quick to pack away your snowblower yet we’re sure to have at least one more snow storm before summer is here. We have been really busy at the shop we are starting to receive shipments for the upcoming season. We have received our Cloudveil order. We now have a great selection of new shirts and pants for men and women from Cloudveil.

With this warm weather and the snow beginning to melt in the mountains, our streams and rivers will become high and dirty. There is still really good fishing in our local resevoiurs. These resevoirs host large fish that fun to catch. Also the warm water fishing will be picking up soon. Bluegill, and bass are a lot of fun to catch in the spring. If you haven’t had a chance to get out and fish stillwater come into the shop and we will be happy to get you headed in the right direction. If your favorite fishing hole is too high and mighty, try something new, or come back to an old favorite pastime.


Today at Jimmy’s 04-14-09

So the last entry that I mentioned that we were going live with our online store Sunday evening. Well we ran into some bus that we had to work out.We want to provide the best secure service to our customers, and we work very hard to make this possible. So we decided to wait a day to launch the store to make dure everything was ready to go and in order to avaid any mistakes and problems.

So the good news is we have gotten everything ready! We are going live this evening with our online store. It will be up and ready for you to check out Wedensday morning. As we continue to to add items to the store we will keep you updated.


Today at Jimmy’s 4-10-09

Well the time has come, we should be going live with our online store on Monday! This online store will start out with a some basic items like Jimmy’s All Seasons Angler Logo Shirts and Hats. We will also be featuring a closeout section, these items have been marked down to a clearance price, quantaties and sizes are very limited. We will be also selling pre-filled fly boxes for our local rivers. We are very excited for our online store and hope you all like it as well. If you have any suggestion or feedback we are all ears.


Today at Jimmy’s 4-8-09

We have been getting a lot of new merchandise in the shop as spring continues to try and wake up in the Idaho Falls area. We have received some more tying materials. Raccoon, White Fox, Indigo Fox, and Grey Fox Tails. These are great for tying streamer patterns like Clouser Minnows.

We have also received a large shipment of an instructional fly tying book by Skip Morris, “Fly Tying Made Clear & Simple.” This book retails for $19.95, but we have received a great deal from the publisher and have it marked down to $9.95. This is a great book that has very detailed instructions and photographs that will assist the beginning fly tier or a seasoned fly tier. This book is responsible for teaching many people as they learned how to tie flies.

We have also recieved a Columbia spring order. We have new patterns and colors for the Mens Bonehead shirts. We also have new Columbia mens Aruba 3 Pants. In the womens clothing line we have a new assortment of colors in the Eddyline shirt. We also have recieved the Eddyline Roll up Pant. All of our Columbia clothing has sun protection, and has a well technical design for fishing and outdoor use.