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Today at Jimmy’s

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Today at Jimmy’s 1-09-09

As winter is really starting to get to a lot of us I have some good news. We have gotten all of our Saltwater Flies in for the year. So start planning your topical fishing vacation and come check out our new saltwater patterns. One of my favorite new patterns is the “Bearded Clam.” I like this fly because it looks like a clam, perfect for catching bonefish and permit, not to mention it has a beard!

Tomorrow Troy Allgood is tying for our Saturday Demonstration. Troy is an accoplished fly tyer from St. Anthony. He speacailizes in Henry’s Fork patterns. I have always beleived if it works on the Henry’s Fork than it should work everywhere. He does a lot of Harrop’s patterns and is a very talented tyer. This is a demo you don’t want to miss. We start at 10am. Hope to see you all there.


Today at Jimmy’s 1-08-09

Today Jimmy took Jim Sr. fishing and left me here to man the shop. Today would have been a great day to fish with the warm spell of weather we are having. I am sure they are having a great time. I will have Jimmy give you an update later.

Today we received a new style of Buff Headwear. It is the Insect Shield Buff. This product has all the UV protection and coolmax features much like its brother the UV Buff. The only difference is that it comes with an Insect shield that allows you to fish but stay protected from mosquitoes, ticks, black flies, and so on. Buff Headwear continues to impress me with their innovative styles and features. Remember that buffs are not only for fishing. They can be used for hunting, camping, hiking, skiing and snowboarding. Basiclly any sport you enjoy outside and what to protect your face the buff will help you do it. If you still haven’t had a chance to check out the buffs come on down and we will tell you all about them.


Today at Jimmy’s 1-07-08

We are having some crazy weather in Idaho Falls this new year. It is close to 40 degrees outside right now, and on Sunday it was -10 when I started my truck that morning. Winter fishing can be really productive on the local rivers that remain open year around. You really have to pick your days. For example today would be a good day to go fishing if you don’t mind the wind. By the time the weekend rolls around, it will be pretty cold again and fishing will be limited to ice fishing on the local reservoirs.

Today Jimmy reorginized our C&F Box display. We have received at least 10 new C&F boxes. Along with the boxes we have received alot more inserts to customize your C&F Box. Come down and check out the new boxes. We still have a few Sage Fli’s marked $50 off retail price. Sage has discountinued the FLi and replaced it with the new Sage Flight. The FLi’s still carry Sage’s awesome warranty, and include a rod tube.


Today at Jimmy’s 01-06-09

Wow it 2009! This is my first day back at work in 2009! Well not much has been going on as far as a lot of costumer’s coming into the shop. This time of year many of customers are coming in to tie flies, and get materials. This gives us the opportunity to work on getting prepared for the upcoming fishing season. Today Jimmy spent all day working on reordering the tying materials that sold from the past weekend. I have been working on a new addition to our web page. We are in the process of building an online shop. Even though we don’t have record breaking sales during the winter time, we stay busy constantly working on our winter projects.

Today we got and new Dr. Slick item, it is the Twisted Loop Clamp. This pair of hemostats has a new design in the finger hold handle. We also got some new books in the shop.

  • Reflections of the Middle Fork of the Salmon River, by Bruce Bischof
  • Of Wind and Tides, by Stu Apte
  • Changing Planes, by Kathy Scott
  • Fly-Fishing Guide to the Olympic Peninsula, by Doug Rose
  • Tying Dry Flies, by jay Nichols

As promiseed we will continue to keep you updated on new merchandise and tying materials we get into the shop.


Today at Jimmy’s 1-3-09

Saturday has been a very typical mid winter day  here in the shop. First thing this morning a lot of folks came to see Randy Randolph tie some of his favorite flies at the Saturday demo.  By the mid afternoon quite a few tiers had dropped by to pick up materials to continue their winter tying projects.

This week we will begin receiving winter material orders that will keep the hook and material pegs stocked. You’ll also begin seeing some of the new materials that we have ordered.  Of course we will make sure we get the new arrivals mentioned  here on the web site.


Today at Jimmy’s 1-2-09

Over the next few days we’ll be closing the books on ’08 and begin making plans for the new year. We’ll have a updated schedule of our regular tying classes and also some of the special topic courses that we’ll offer through mid-March. Watch the web site or stop by the shop for these updates.

On your next trip to the shop if you notice that things look brighter and easier to see its because we replaced the ballasts and bulbs in our light fixtures.  Its part of an energy efficiency program offered by Idaho Falls Power. The new retro-fit will cut our energy use significantly and at the same time has made the shop much brighter.

Tomorrow’s tying demo features Randy Randolph. Randy will be tying a variety of patterns including some of his great looking balsa patterns. The demo starts at 10 am.


Today at Jimmy’s 12-30-08

The last two days at Jimmy’s are the least desirable days to work at a fly shop during the entire year. At the end of every year we need to do an physical inventory count. For two days we count every item in the store. Some of our favorites are the thread rack, and the chenille wall. We are happy to say that inventory is finished for the year of 2008. Everyone in the shop is excited that this chore is over.

We have fishpond boat bags on sale, and the remaining inventory of the Sage FLi have been marked down $50. If you didn’t get that Christmas present you were looking for come on down to the shop and we wil be happy to help you out.


Today at Jimmy’s 12-27-08

This morning’s tying demo featured Gary Barnes from Ririe. Gary tied a variety of flies beginning with a simple San Juan worm and then progressed through  several types of streamers, nymphs and dries.  Gary is one of those tiers that can tie most anything and he was alot of fun to watch and learn from.

If you have not been to one of our Saturday tying demos they are a great opportunity to see and learn the large variety of tying techniques.  They start at 10 a.m. and are free. They will continue through March 1st.

Several people have called to ask about hours holiday store hours. We will be open Monday through Wednesday next week before  New Years Day on Thursday.  Although we will be doing the year end inventory everyone will still be available to answer questions and help you out in any way.


Today at Jimmy’s 12-26-2008

Idaho Falls and Eastern Idaho got pounded by great winter storm that left 12 new inches in the valley and more in the surrounding mountains. Thats good news for our winter snow pack and for water next year. My back is a little sore from shoveling and moving snow for several hours on Christmas day.  There is more snow in the forecast too. It would be great to have back to back years of good water.

Several new tying materials arrived today. Two new colors of furry foam came. The new colors are crawdad orange and crab tan. Some of the uses for furry foam include bodies for nymphs and saltwater patterns.

We have a new dubbing from Hairline called Rainbow Scud Dub. It a mixture of 4 colors of Ice Dub. It will make great looking scud bodies or use it on the adomen of beadhead flies. It comes in two shades: light and dark.

For tiers that build foam flies two new adhesives arrived. One is a from 3M named Super 77 and it comes in a spray can. The other is ZAP-O. Its thicker than regular Zap a Gap. When both of these adhesives dry they don’t cause the foam to shrink and crack like some adhesives do.


Today at Jimmy’s 12-23-08

Today is the last day for our special promotion, “12 gifts of Christmas,” from Jimmy’s All Seasons Angler.  Today’s gift #12 is the Fishpond Westwater Boat Bag.  This boat bag is a must for any driftboat fisherman. This bag can handle all your critical gear, keep it safe and dry in all weather conditions, and is durable enough to go where you want to go. If you spend a lot of time on the water, this is the bag for you.

Right now we have these bags on sale from $129.00 down to $85. This sale won’t last long come on in a grab yours today.

Jimmy’s All Seasons Angler would also like to take this time to wish all of our customers a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.  We want to thank you all for your business and support throughout all the years. May the new year bring you much happiness and joy. Remeber we are always happy to help you with all you fly fishing needs. Stop in the shop or give us a call.