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Saturday, January 4th Fly Tying Demo with Todd Lanning

Todd L.

Todd grew up on a farm in Melba, Idaho and learned at age nine to fly fish from his grandfather.  He spent almost every summer as a kid with his aunt and uncle in Hamilton, Montana on the banks of the Bitterroot River.  Here he fell in love with Rocky Mountain fly fishing.  Todd served his country with the Marines; beginning soon after high school.    He is a veteran of the Gulf War, Somalia, and the L.A. Riots.  Todd returned to Idaho after his service and took a guiding job for Headwater Outfitters in Ketchum, Idaho.  Years ago Todd spent two years managing the fishing department at Sportsman’s Warehouse in Idaho Falls where he was responsible for one million dollars in inventory.  Next he managed at South Fork Outfitters. Having worked for Mile Lawson at Henry’s Fork Anglers for over a decade is a dream come true and gives Todd further detailed expertise on fishing not only the Henry’s Fork but all quality regional waters. This array of experience, along with many years as a fly tier,  make Todd able to demonstrate and suggest flies for all seasons on local waters.  He is in demand to demonstrate his fly tying skills and to present his experiences on regional waters at fly-fishing events throughout the country.  During his demo Todd will surely have new patterns since his last demo at Jimmy’s in 2015.


Saturday, December 28th Fly Tying Demo with Shawn Bostic


Shawn is a retired Naval officer who tied his first flies on the mess decks of a fast attract submarine. He is a self-taught fly tier who originally developed his tying skills to support his love for fishing while deployed around the world. He is a “broad spectrum tier” covering everything from tiny midges to large Salt water streamers. He is primarily a still water fisherman who targets everything from bass to high mountain trout. Shawn’s extensive creativity and meticulous attention to detail are reflected in his unique tying style and patterns. For the last few years Shawn has been focused on finding ways to incorporate newer materials into flies in ways that create simple and highly effective patterns. It has been a few years since his last demo at Jimmy’s, so he has many new patterns and creative uses of materials to share.


Upcoming Events: 2020 Special Topics Classes

2020 Special Topics Classes with John Stenersen

DSCN1076 (640x480)

John will be teaching the following classes for intermediate level fly tiers at Jimmy’s All Seasons Angler this winter .

Looking for someone to help you “get over a fly tying hump,”or you want to learn the flies that John fishes?  Then these classes are for you. Each class offers two to four patterns with required materials supplied, except thread.   Each class, limited to  five students, has  a cost of $25.00.  Students must bring a fly tying vise,  tying thread (black in 6/0 and heavier for large flies),  standard tools,  and a bobbin.  These items are also available at Jimmy’s.  Classes will run 6:00 PM to 8.00 PM, Thursdays at Jimmy’s.

January 16th: Large Dries

a. Adult  Salmon Fly

b. Chernobyl Ant

c. Grasshopper

d. Crane Fly

January 30th: Small Dries 

a. CFO Spinner

b. Extended Body Drake

c. CFO Ant

d. Adult Damsel

February 13th: Deadly Nymph Patterns for Streams and Still Waters

a. Super Flash

b. Stonefly

c. Damselfly

February 20th: Profile Streamer Patterns

a.  Two unnamed patterns, each for a different fishing situation


Saturday, December 21st Fly Tying Demo with Buddy Shaw

Buddy Shaw and Friend

Buddy Shaw is a fly fisherman and fly tyer from Idaho Falls, Idaho, where he lives with

his wife and three children. Buddy grew up fly fishing the South Fork of the Snake River, the

Henry’s Fork of the Snake River, The lower Blackfoot River, and the many small streams and

creeks surrounding the Idaho Falls area. Buddy has also spent a considerable amount of time

fly fishing Idaho’s and Washington’s Steelhead rivers. Buddy ties everything from small dry flies

and nymphs to large streamers and terrestrial patterns. Buddy tied at the 2019 Eastern Idaho

Fly Tying Expo. This will be his first tying demo at Jimmy’s.


Saturday, December 14th Fly Tying Demo with Gary Barnes

Gary and friend

Born and raised in Eastern Idaho on the banks of the beautiful South Fork reach of the Snake River, that is where Gary Barnes passion for fly fishing began.  He started fishing and exploring the South Fork reach at the age of six which evolved into a passion of tying flies starting in his early teenage years. Living near the river by Ririe, he fishes and knows it better than most folks out there.  Gary’s South Fork experience and observations, and those on numerous other waters he frequents, have made him a superb tier, much coming from being self-taught.  Because of this, he reveals some very unique and innovative methods and patterns that catch many different fish species.  Gary’s productive patterns have resulted in invitations to demonstrate many of his techniques at shows and conclaves.  He has fly tying demos at shops and at shows including Eastern Idaho’s Fly Tying and Fly Fishing Expo, Western Idaho’s Tying Expo, Washington State’s The Fly Fishing Show, The Northwest Fly Tyer and Fly Fishing Expo, Western Colorado’s Conclave as well as other numerous FFI Conclaves, and has been a featured tier in Ireland.  Now associated with LOOP Tackle and Semperfli. Gary is also part of the Daiichi and Semperfli pro staffs. Some of Gary’s patterns can be found in various fly fishing books (Modern Terrestrials, Trout Country Flies, Flies for the Greater Yellowstone Area and  various magazine articles).  His focus on tying ranges from trout nymphs and dries, meaty streamers, steelhead flies, as well as saltwater patterns.  He prides himself in classic Atlantic Salmon flies dressed with traditional materials and even forges and makes his own hooks


Saturday, December 7th Fly Tying Demo with Chris Williams

Chris Wms

Chris Williams, is a retired teacher who has been a fly tier and fisherman for over 50 years. Through his numerous regional fly fishing excursions he has created many different and effective fly patterns. Largely self taught, he ties all manners of trout flies, but specializes in dries and emergers for spring creeks, tail waters, and still waters.Chris is a long time Pro Team member of Whiting Farms and a member of Moonlit Fly Fishing’s Pro Staff. He has written articles for Fly Fusion Magazine, contributed flies to a number of books, and writes a quarterly column for the Whiting Farms Newsletter. Chris also has demonstrated and taught fly tying and classes at expos throughout the northwest for many years. Amongst these are the Eastern Idaho Fly Fishing Expo in Idaho Falls and the Western Oregon Fly Fishing Expo in Albany, Oregon. In addition, he markets a line of flies which are distributed and sold commercially. This will be Chris’s third tying demo at Jimmy’s, and he is looking forward to renewing old friendships, making some new ones, and sharing some of the flies and fly tying techniques he’s learned


Today at Jimmy’s 11-9-2019



Our winter Saturday fly tying demos will begin on November 30th and extend each Saturday to February 29th, 2020. They will be offered with  the same format as in the past.  That is, beginning at 10 AM and extending to 12:30-1.00 PM with the guest tier presenting flies of  choice and willing to answer subject questions.  We are  lining up demonstrating tiers for each Saturday, and will soon post the demo schedule through the remainder of 2019 on our web site and on Face Book.

We look forward to the fun, information, and camaraderie the demos offer.


Today at Jimmy’s 5-14-19

Are you looking for bargains on obtaining some quality equipment for enjoying upcoming fly-fishing season?  We offer the following close-out items at 30-40 percent off:

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Find these items in the class room/tying demo area at the back of the shop.

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Upcoming Events 3-19-19

                                                                     2019 EIFTE TYING  DEMO SCHEDULE
Fri. 3/29 Sat.  3/30
  8 11 AM  1130 AM-2:30 PM      3 PM-6 PM  8AM-Noon  Noon-4 PM
  Table   Table
1 Marvin Nolte Mike Andreasen Charlie Craven 1 Marvin Nolte Charlie Craven
2 Lee Moore Lee Moore Dane Miller 2 Vic Loiselle Tom Doxey
3 Brandon Morrison Larry Croft 3 Tom Meade Tom Provost
4 Jon Hegsted Mike Evans Tom Provost 4 Austin Andrews Mike Evans
5 Wes Ashcraft Bill Miller 5 Bill Miller Wes Ashcraft
6 Scott Turner Les Reitz Scott Turner 6 Dan Gates Jess Serpa
7 Cathy Hamilton Shawn Bostic Carl Yoshida 7 Nick Jones Stef Jones
8 Ken Bitton Steve Potter Paul Bowen 8 Paul Bowen Brandon Morrison
9 Michael Gula Michael Gula Will Butkovich 9 Cody Shreve Cody Shreve
10 John Schultz Mason John 10 Nicholas Dokken Nicholas Dokken
11 Vic Loiselle Craig Stone 11 Linda Windels Kelly Barnes
12 Bill Liebegott James Patton James Patton 12 Bill Liebegott James Patton
13 Mark Middleton Brandon Arnold Brandon Arnold 13 Mark Middleton James Carlin
14 Kelly Glissmeyer Kelly Glissmeyer Gregg Messel 14 Kelly Glissmeyer Doug Kinney
15 Doug Gibson John VanderHoof Doug Kinney 15 John VanderHoof Bill Fenstermaker
16 Ron Baum Dale Piocos Ross Slayton 16 Todd Smith/Trever B. Dale Piocos
17 Dave Gibson Ron English Buddy Shaw 17 John Schultz Buddy Shaw
18 Al Rico Alun Thomas Dennie Edwards 18 Gregg Messel Alun Thomas
19 John Stokes Jim Pruett Devan Ence 19 Gary Jones Jim Pruett
20 Gary Jones Gary Jones Layne Read 20 Chris Williams Layne Read
21 Chris Williams Al Beatty Todd Lanning 21 Al Beatty Michael Gula
22 Jay Buchner Gretchen Beatty Bill Fenstermaker 22 Gretchen Beatty Grady Prairie
23 Ron Quesnell Ben Swaner 23 Shawn Bostic Ron Quesnell
24 Les Warren Les Warren Logan & BensonCutts 24 Les Warren Matt Nielson
25 Matt McHargue Matt McHargue 25 Devan Ence John Kimura
26 Don McFarland Andrew Jorgensen 26 Don McFarland  Doug Gosnell
27 Sumi Sakamaki Sumi Sakamaki Doug Gosnell 27 Steve Potter Robert Temple
28 Tom Meade John Harder Ben Byng 28 Ben Byng Craig Stone
29 Dave Raisch Dave Raisch Dave Raisch 29 Bob Jacklin Bob Jacklin
30 Jeff Childress Jeff Childress Ellen Clark 30 Kim Jensen Mason John
31 Tim King Peter Steen 31 Peter Steen Scott Turner
32 Joe Burke Randy Flynn Joe Burke 32 Randy Flynn Ross Slayton
33 Dave Brackett Dave Allison Dave Brackett 33 Dave Allison Joe Burke+Mike
34 Robert Temple Jay Buchner 34 Devan Ence Dave Brackett
35 Chuck Collins Chuck Collins Steven Fernandez 35 Steven Fernandez Jay Buchner
36 Al Ritt Buddy Knight Buddy Knight 36 Al Ritt Buddy Knight
37 Grant Bench Chris Ashby Chris Ashby 37 Daniel Smith Daniel Smith
38 Paul  Hoelscher Jess Serpa Matt Nielson 38 Danny Lane Danny Lane
39 Merrill Tea Merrill Tea 39 Tim Sickles Tim Sickles
40 Marty Howard Marty Howard Helen Morreale 40 Marty Howard Marty Howard
41 Greg Webster Blaine Schandelmeier 41 Greg Webster Todd L. Grayson
42 Tim Woodard Gerry Randolph Satoshi Yamamoto 42 Buck Goodrich Satoshi Yamamoto