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Today at Jimmy’s 12-11-08

For day #5 of the 12 Gifts for Christmas from Jimmys All Seasons Angler we are featuring a new Lamson-Waterworks Reel, The Guru. The Guru is new this year to the Lamson line up. Replacing it’s little brother the Lamson Radius, the Guru offers the same features as all the Lamson reels with its sealed drag system. Guru enters the Lamson family as the lowest-priced fully machined reel. The signature arm-style element on the frame combines with open spokes to maximize structural strength and minimize weight. As with our other reels, Guru features true large arbor ratios. Guru is available in 4 weight through 10 weight, and shares identical drag design and components with our most expensive reels. Guru is finished with a clear type 2 anodize. Come down to the shop today and check out the Guru.

Lamson Guru Reel


Today at Jimmy’s 12-10-08

Day #4 for our “12 Gifts for Christmas” is a Fishing Lanyard. These Lanyards are made by Morning Star lanyard Company out of Pocatello, Idaho. These lanyards are great for any fly fisherman. There are a lot of different accessories that you can attach to the lanyard. This is a great replacement for a fishing vest. This keeps all your tools in one easy to access location, right around your neck!

Morning Star Lanyards come featured with:

  • quick release saftey breakaway
  • supportive nieck band
  • Vinyl Coated Stainless Steel Cable
  • Retractor, Fly Patch and Tippet SPool Holder
  • Stainless Steel Clip
  • Quality Swivles for accesories
  • Unique Handcrafted Beads

These Lanyards are great for a driftboat fisherman, or the wading angler. We have different styles and colors of beads down at the shop. Come in today and we will be happy to help you pick out the right lanyard for yourself or that fly fisherman in your life.


Today at Jimmy’s 12-09-08

Today is Day #3 for our special holiday promotion of “12 Gifts for Christmas.” Today’s gift is the Measure Net. This is a net that is used to land fish once they have been caught. We have all sizes available from a small wading net to a large drift boat net. The net features a ruler that allows you to measure the fish without removing the fish from the net, or the water. This is a great conservation feature and greatly improves the odds of a released trout surviving. It also allow you to leave the measuring stick at home. These nets are made of a strong aluminum tubing and have a durable rubber handle that allows the net to float.

Measurenet size Medium


Today at Jimmy’s 12-08-2008

The snow this morning made many of us here at the shop realize that winter is finally here. As promised I plan on continuing the “12 gifts for Christmas” from Jimmy’s All Seasons Angler. Today is day #2. This is a great gift and comes in at a fairly low price point. This gift is a great stocking stuffer for anyone who loves to fish from a boat.

Gift #2 is a Piopod micro trash container made by Fishpond. This little device is designed to help find a place for all that extra tippet and leader material that ends up in the river or the bottom of your drift boat. The piopod is not limited to tippet and leader material, you can stuff wrappers and cigarette butts in there as well. This is a great product for helping keep trash and other materials off of our favorite rivers. We have a great selection of colors at the shop. Stop by today to see this handy little accessory for you boat.

Fishpond Piopod Pack it in Pack it out Microtrash Container


Today at Jimmy’s 12-05-08

We have been starting to receive shipments for the Holiday Season. We have received many new items that will work great for gifts this year. I have been really feeling the Holiday spirit this year so I have decided to feature 12 of our new items as the “12 Gifts for Christmas,” from Jimmy’s All Seasons Angler. I have chosen these 12 items to feature because they are great gifts for any fly fisherman. If you are having a hard time trying to figure out what to get that angler who seems to have everything, or you are that angler who has everything and the loved ones in your life can’t figure out what to get you. Feel free to send them into the shop and we’ll be happy to help them.

Gift #1: Sage has featured a new cigar humidor. The humidor is a cigar sized aluminum rod tube. This unique humidor is the perfect temporary storage device for you precious cigars. It features a humidifier disk, and is lined with cedar. These humidors come in two colors black and sage green. These two colors match the same colors found on Sage’s Premiere Fly Rods. This is a great gift for anyone who enjoys a a great cigar after casting to rising trout.

Sage Humidor


Today at Jimmy’s 12-02-08

Today we received the new Flight rods from Sage. The Flight is the redesigned Sage FLi. This rod has been updated from the Generation 4 graphite to the Generation 5 graphite. What this means is the Flight is a lighter, more responsive, and smoother casting rod. We have brought in a good selection of Flights for the Holiday Season.

I got to demo this rod last month. I was extremely impressed with the improvements that have been made. I always thought that the FLi was a “good rod for the money.” Many of you have probably heard me tell you, “can’t go wrong with a Sage, and the FLi is a great rod at a great price.” With all that said the Flight is far beyond what the Fli ever was. This rod is awesome! I really think that this rod is going to become a favorite amoung fly fisherman for a couple reasons. The rod is made of the same graphite that our $700 Sage Z-Axis, and ZXL rods are made from. They are lighter than the old model, they cast great, and they are half the price as our exclusive Sage rods.

If you are in the market for a new fly rod, maybe you have someone speacial you need a great Christmas gift for, or you are like me and can never have too many fly rods. Come down to the shop and cast the Sage Flight. You will be impressed with the upgrades from the FLi. If you love the FLi we still have some for sale at discounted prices.


Today at Jimmys


Today’s tying demo with Harley Reno is over and there was alot of interest in his South Fork of the Snake patterns. He also tied a couple of his Orkey crayfish flies that I have used with great success for smallmouth bass on Ririe reservoir and below American Falls dam on the main Snake River. 

There was also alot of interest in the vise Harley used called the Nor-Vise.  To that end he has offered to teach a class in January on how to use a Nor-vise. He will provide all of the vises and materials so you won’t need to by a vise to try the techniques specific to the vise. The cost of the class $25.00 and will be Saturday January 17th from 2:30 pm until 5:30 pm. Class size is limited to 6 tiers. We’ll post the date again on the web page along with several other special topic tying classes we are working on for the winter and spring.


Today at Jimmy’s


One of the duties we have in the shop each Fall is placing orders for the next year. Much of the inventory we recieve each year is placed 6 ot 8 months before its arrives into the shop. It is slow and tedious work and reminds me of writing a big term paper in college. We do this each Fall for 25 to 30 major companies that supply us. So 30 term papers later I’m happy to report that we are done for the Fall of 08.

We’ll keep you informed as some of the new items arrrive. Between now and Spring most of the new items will be tying materials.

This week we did get two new materials. We now have a bigger size of tungsten bead. They are 7/32″ (5.5mm) in 4 colors: gold, silver, black and copper. Tiers who needed a larger tungsten bead for streamers requested this bigger size.

We also brought in oval uni-tinsel in 4 sizes in both gold and silver. The Largartun varnished tinsel has jumped in price significantly so we decided to bring in another more econimcal oval tinsel for ribbing flies. We will still continue to carry larguatun tinsels and wires too


Today at Jimmy’s 11-24-08

The fishing has been really good on the Henry’s Fork and the South Fork. We have had many people coming into the shop sharing thier fishing stories from this past weekend. Idaho is such a great place in the fall. We have many oppertunities to get out and enjoy the outdoors. Many Idaho residents enjoy Steelhead fishing, chasing trout, and hunting. The hard working employees at Jimmy’s All Seasons Angler enjoy all types of outdoor activities. One of the favorite hunting activities we enjoy is bird hunting. Rollin is always shooting ducks and geese, and I started after the elusive pheasant this fall. Pheasants have completely consumed my free time this fall. This past weekend my new puppy Moose who is just over a year old got his first “wild” pheasant. It was a great weekend, I posted a photo because I am so proud of Moose.


We got some new items in the shop to help with your tying orginization. We received the “Spool Safe”. This item allows you to hold all your thread, copper wire, tinsel, and anything else thats is spooled on a big rotating wheel that will allow you to see and pull what you ned to tie with. We also received a “Tool Stadium.” This handy piece of equipment allows you to store all you tying tools in one easy location.


Today at Jimmy’s 11-20-08

Today we received our Buffs head wear order. We have expanded our selection on Buffs Head wear to accommodate more of our customers. Buffs head wear is a modified bandanna that is typically used as sun protection while outside. Buffs became very popular with saltwater fisherman while out on the flats boat, and have found popularity with freshwater fisherman in the last few years. Although a buff has many uses, I want to highlight a few of my favorite uses for the Buff.  During the summer you can use your buff as sun protection for your face as I mentioned before. One of the most popular ways is to put the buff up and over your nose and cover your ears. Than put your hat, and sunglasses on. This completely covers your face from the sun, and offers great UV protection. Buff provides two models to wear in the sun. The Original Buff and the UV Buff. Both models offer sun protection, but the UV Buff has 30 SPF and coolmax built into the fabric. Coolmax is a fabric that is breathable and keeps the skin cool at the same time. Another great Buff application is a bandanna around your neck. During those hot July and August days in the afternoon, take you buff off dip it in the river and put it around your neck. You will be surprised how quickly you will cool down. If you have ever used a Buff you will agree that after wearing one all day it is amazing how much better you feel at the end of the day. Your face isn’t fried and beat up from the sun.

Many of you might be wondering if a Buff is useful on days when the sun isn’t shining, and fishing in stormy weather. I personally use a buff everyday! Buff also has a model called the Polar Buff. This piece has multiple applications. It can be used for hunting, skiing, fishing, camping or hiking in cold weather. The Polar Buff has polar fleece attached to the bottom of it to help trap body heat, allowing you to stay warm while outside in the elements.

Come on down to the shop and see all of our new Buff designs. They make great gifts or stocking stuffers for anyone who loves the outdoors. We have a great selection to choose from including womens styles.