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Today at Jimmy’s 10-31-17



We will begin our fly tying demo season on Saturday, November 25th.   Barring holidays, we will schedule a tier each Saturday into March.  As in the past, each demo will begin 10:00 AM at the shop and extend into the early afternoon.  Expect details not only on how to tie a demonstrated pattern, but information on how it should be presented. The beginning of the tier schedule will be posted soon on our web site.






Today at Jimmy’s 10-21-17

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Earlier this week a new event, “Tie One On” came onto the Idaho Falls fly tying/fly-fishing scene. It’s first session took place during the evening (7-8 PM) of Tuesday, October 17th, at Tap and Fill, 1494 Milligan Road. “Tie One On” originated from ideas gathered by the Snake River Cutthroats and other fly fishing concerns to provide a forum for bringing fly tiers together to swap tying ideas, swap fishing information, and establish friendships.   The well-attended first session featured fly designer John Stenersen, of Clackacraft Boats, demonstrating streamer tying techniques using traditional and newly introduced materials.  The next session, slated for Tuesday, November 21st, same time and location, will feature Mike Glissmeyer of Idaho Angling Outfitters tying specialty streamer patterns for drift boat fishing.  “Tie One On” will be held at Tap and Fill, 7-8 PM, the third Tuesday of every month for the foreseeable future.  All interested fly fishers and fly tiers as well as the interested angling public, are welcome to attend.


Seasonal Changes Arriving 9-16-17

Blackfoot R. 1 (2)


Looks like a change in season is arriving! Although summer officially ended Friday, September 22nd, we received an early taste of high country autumn the last few days.  The impact with respect to fishing will be some wanted changes. Dry fly fishing on the Henry’s Fork below Ashton Dam will pick up with BWO hatches of the season.  So will chances for very large trout responding to streamers, especially as weather worsens. The South Fork will offer BWO and mahogany dun activity for the dry fly enthusiast and also increased chances to encounter large trout for the streamer enthusiast. Many of our still waters, so dormant last summer, will offer improved fishing as waters cool. That includes Henry’s Lake, to the relief of its many enthusiasts. Word is going around  that there may not be as many fish in the lake (there are still plenty), but what is there seems to run larger than in recent years. In all waters hosting them, brown trout will begin migrations to spawning areas, and there are plenty of area streams inhabited by browns. With all these changes impacting angling strategy, rest assured that we will continue our practice of offering information, products, and services for enjoying fly-fishing.

We see winter arriving on the scene in a few months, and that arrival signals time to begin planning our winter schedule.  Look for our annual fly tying demos to begin this November and continue, barring holidays, into March, 2018.   We will offer entry level fly tying classes during certain week-day evenings throughout the winter.  Specialty workshops are also being considered and will be offered if sufficient demand arises. Look for scheduling  of the demos, entry level tying classes, and other activities on our web site and in our Facebook announcements.  Winter is not time to be an “armchair fly-fisher” in our region. It is the time to tie flies, build rods, clean, repair and replace equipment, and make plans for the next season.  In addition there will “bluebird days” during the winter when getting out on the water will be a pleasure. So for all these activities, regardless of the season, All Seasons Angler will be here to serve you in any fly-fishing capacity.


South Fork 7-17-17

Great news for the South Fork! We are at normal irrigation demand flows (currently 11900 cfs out of Palisades Dam, 14500 cfs at Heise) which may prevail for weeks, and the river is shaping up in a fly fishing sense. Established riffle areas have become riffles again, soft water is increasing in size & amount, and drop-offs are more easily approached. There are some physical changes in the river meaning new channels, movement of gravel bars and some riffles, size of islands, etc.  This is especially true for the lower river.   Consider that the South Fork from Byington downstream is a “new river.” That means new channels, new riffles, new drop-offs, new snags and log jams. In other words new everything.  Changes such as these are to be expected because of length of time that the unusually high flows (since March) took place. All this means caution takes a front seat when fishing especially this section of river.

With respect to fly-fishing strategy, nymphing with such as rubber legs on down in size to your favorite bead head patterns are the way to go for now.  With respect to dry fly presentation, effectiveness will improve as we move through the days ahead.  So try your favorite golden stonefly adult pattern trailed with a small bead head nymph dropper such as copper john, zebra, or prince.  PMDs and sallys are coming out on the lower river, but it may take a few days for trout to key on them in a serious manner.  Below see some fly pattern info that you can use to build a inventory for upcoming trips on the South Fork (and Henry’s Fork)


7 IMG_1364

We at Jimmy’s will keep on top of the South Fork’s return to its reputation as a great fly-fishing location.  Get in touch with us for up-to-date info on it, or on any other area stream or still water.


Snake River Cutthroats Winter Workshops

The  Snake River Cutthroats, the TU and FFF affiliated club in Idaho Falls, is offering a winter slate of classes.  See below.

Beginning Fly Tying begins Tuesday, January 17th at Idaho Falls high School and runs for six weeks.  Classes are each Tuesday from 7-9PM. Basic techniques are taught with emphasis on local patterns. Materials are included in the cost of $30. Students (10 yrs and older) must bring a tying vise, scissors, bobbin and other useful tools. Some extra tools will be available at the class. Contact Jeff Armstrong at 208-522-7005.

Fly Rod Building starts with an informational/orientation class on Saturday, January 12th, 6:30-7:30 at All Seasons Angler. Here instructors will help students determine which size rod blank and components to purchase for the class. On Saturday, January 28th rod building class  will be held from 10 AM to 5:30 PM  at the Idaho Falls Public Library. Cost is $30 and is for novice and expert. A rod  can be built for half of retail cost. Contact Wade Allen; 208-390-3130.


Today at Jimmy’s 10-29-16

We can now answer questions on when our 2016-2017 Saturday fly tying demos will begin. The first demo will be held Saturday, November 26th. Demos will continue each Saturday through the middle of March, 2017.  As in the past, demos begin at 10 AM and extend to around 1 PM. We are contacting tiers to work out a schedule which we will begin posting and updating here within a few weeks.