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Snake River Cutthroats Winter Workshops

The  Snake River Cutthroats, the TU and FFF affiliated club in Idaho Falls, is offering a winter slate of classes.  See below.

Beginning Fly Tying begins Tuesday, January 17th at Idaho Falls high School and runs for six weeks.  Classes are each Tuesday from 7-9PM. Basic techniques are taught with emphasis on local patterns. Materials are included in the cost of $30. Students (10 yrs and older) must bring a tying vise, scissors, bobbin and other useful tools. Some extra tools will be available at the class. Contact Jeff Armstrong at 208-522-7005.

Fly Rod Building starts with an informational/orientation class on Saturday, January 12th, 6:30-7:30 at All Seasons Angler. Here instructors will help students determine which size rod blank and components to purchase for the class. On Saturday, January 28th rod building class  will be held from 10 AM to 5:30 PM  at the Idaho Falls Public Library. Cost is $30 and is for novice and expert. A rod  can be built for half of retail cost. Contact Wade Allen; 208-390-3130.


Today at Jimmy’s 10-29-16

We can now answer questions on when our 2016-2017 Saturday fly tying demos will begin. The first demo will be held Saturday, November 26th. Demos will continue each Saturday through the middle of March, 2017.  As in the past, demos begin at 10 AM and extend to around 1 PM. We are contacting tiers to work out a schedule which we will begin posting and updating here within a few weeks.


Franklin County Lakes & Invasive Species Update

A big story this spring in Franklin County has been the threat to close access to lakes because of the concern of invasive mussels. The situation seems to be constantly evolving, but here is the most current information as we have heard it. The whole situation is very confusing, so interpret this information as you wish, hopefully things are clarified here shortly.

All Franklin County Reservoirs: No ballast compartment boats allowed (wake board boats)

Twin Lakes : $5 launching fee, all watercraft using Twin Lakes must have been recently inspected by an inspection station operated by and for the ISDA and have in its possession written certification. You have to stop at Twin Lakes e to show this.

Glendale Reservoir: The barricades will be open tomorrow May 15 at 7:00 a.m. A verification checkpoint will be staffed 7 days a week from 7 am to 7 pm The cost for verification per watercraft will be $10.00 for Franklin county residents and $20.00 for out of county. The license plate of the tow vehicle and driver license will prove residency. No cash accepted just debit/credit cards and local checks.
The verification staff will be asking for proof of a ISDA inspection form/passbook for any watercraft that has left the county AND a 2016 invasive sticker attached to vessel or Idaho boat registration. The ISDA form must then be displayed on the dashboard of tow vehicle. County residents need to visit the ISDA station within 5 days of launching or have an ISDA trailer/boat orange tag.

ISDA stations are open all daylight hours. One is located at Highway 91 in Franklin City. Others at state line roads throughout Idaho.”

These are the two main lakes we have heard information about. You can safely assume that all lakes owned by the Twin Lakes Canal company will have these regulations in place.As of this writing, nothing has been posted or made known to us about Treasureton Reservoir.

Speaking of Treasureton…… For those who fish Treasureton, this is a big year for the lake. For several years the Fish and Game has been monitoring the situation at the lake with illegally introduced Largemouth Bass. There is talk of poisoning the reservoir this fall and starting over. We have been talking to biologist Dave Teuscher about this and have mixed feelings. Here is a message from Dave regarding the situation;

“We have been considering a treatment since bass were illegally introduced about 10 years ago. As you know, we have many bass fisheries in Franklin County and Treasureton Reservoir is managed as a trophy trout water. I am preparing a data summary for the reservoir that shows the changes that have occurred in the fishery and what actions IDFG has completed to limit bass expansion (e.g., no harvest or size limit on bass and moving bass from Treasureton to other bass fisheries).

We plan to have that summary done in the next week or so. Please check back with me for a copy.

Prior to making a final decision, we will hold a meeting in Preston to discuss options. I will also be trying to meet with the irrigation company to get their input. The irrigation company has been excellent to work with and very supportive of the fishery.”

We will be sure to update conditions as they progress, as well as when this meeting will take place. Dropping an email to the Idaho Fish and Game would be a great way to voice your opinion as well.



Fishing Season Is Here

Not much of winter is left, meaning fly-fishers are getting out to shake off cabin fever. For sure access is currently limited because of remaining snow and ice, but each day a bit more opens. Another sign of the times is the shop receives increasing calls and emails asking for access information and ” where to find action.” Therefore we are beginning our fishing reports to answer  increasing inquiries. We begin with information on the Henry’s Fork, the South Fork, and the main stem Snake River. When access becomes practical to other waters we will post such information here.  So keep our fishing report in mind because it will offer increasing information on access and fish activity.



4th of july 2015

Jimmy’s will be open on the 4th from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. for anyone who needs some advice, flies, licenses, or even some new fishing gear.


Today at Jimmy’s

Our icon rivers are in great shape and offering good to outstanding fishing. Because of those great conditions, they are crowded with eager fly-fishers.  If you are looking for a fishing location offering a greater chance of solitude, go to the Articles section on our web site. There you will see numerous alternative candidates.  If any attract your interest, get in touch with us so we can supply up to date details on conditions.


Basic Two-Handed Casting Class


Mike McCune2whitney Gould

We are excited to host a two-handed rod class with instructors Mike McCune and Whitney Gould. Both are well known in the two-handed world and will be in Idaho Falls in mid May to share their knowledge and enthusiasm for this style of casting.

The class is directed at the beginning to intermediate level caster. It will cover a variety of casts, line tapers, and familiarize you with a lot of the two-handed rod terminology. Mike and Whitney will teach you which cast is best based on wind direction, casting room, and which side of the river you are fishing from.

We recommend bringing your own tackle, however tackle will be available for anyone not having a two-handed outfit. We’ll be in the water (shallow wading), so hip or chest waders are needed.

There are two dates to choose from: Saturday, May 9th and Sunday, May 10th.  Both classes start at 9 AM and continue into the afternoon with a break for lunch. Class location, TBD, is on the Snake River near Idaho Falls. Class size is limited to 6 casters to ensure as much individual instruction as possible from Mike and Whitney.

Class fee is $200.00 per student and includes lunch.  Please call the shop (208-524-7160) to reserve a space, for more information, or if you have any questions.



Lost Drift Boat

On Tuesday, 3/17 Chad Hill lost a white, 12 ft Don Hill drift boat  with 2 Sawyer oars inside.  It fell off his trailer somewhere on US Highway 20 between Teton and Highway 33. Please keep your eyes open for this. If you have any info on this boat, contact Chad at 208-351-7036.