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Yellowstone Park

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Yellowstone Park 7-10-12

All waters are in or nearing top shape. Exceptions are the Firehole and Madison rivers and Trout Lake. Leave the Firehole alone until September, Trout Lake until late October, and visit the Madison early in the AM (spinner falls) or in the evening (caddis activity).  Fall River Basin streams are in ideal shape for dry fly fishing with PMD and sally activity beginning in early afternoon hours.  Brown drakes take over in the evening and one or two green drakes appear when water temps get to the low 50s in degrees F.  Beula Lake offers the fastest still water fishing in the Park with its damselfly and speckled dun populations hatching.   Add PM caddis coming down the inlet and fish there are responding mightily.  Slough Creek brown drakes are coming on, so an evening visit there is a good idea.  Grebe and Cascade lakes (both host grayling) offer similar fishing to Beula Lake.  Fishing in Shoshone Lake will slow as waters warm.


Yellowstone Park 7-7-12

Good reports are coming in from Beula Lake where small beadhead and damselfly nymphs are producing.  The Firehole River is done for good fishing until September.  Some PMDs and lots’a caddis remain on the Madison River for evening fishing.  Some evening brown drakes remain on Duck Creek and meadow reaches of the Gibbon River. Fall River Basin streams are shaping up with run-off about finished.  Look for their green and brown drakes to begin emerging.  Right now PMDs and sallies are just beginning to bring surface feeders on all Basin streams.  The Gallatin river is also free of run-off and giving good PM fishing with active caddis and some golden stones.


Yellowstone Park 7-3-12

With the Firehole River warming up, everything else is shaping up. Caddis and PMDs (AM spinners, mid day to afternoon emergence) are making the Madison River in the Park a destination. Brown Drakes on the Gibbon River meadow reaches and on Duck Creek should be on your “to go” list for evening fishing. Green drakes are coming off in the meadow reaches of the Lewis River, below and above Lewis Lake.  The Ashton-Flagg Road is open giving access to Beula Lake.  Fall River Basin streams remain high because of snow pack remaining on Madison and Pitchstone plateaus.  A bunch of us carried float tubes down Delacey Trail to Shoshone Lake last Saturday. Getting out on the lake in those tubes was a blast with juvenile macks, browns and brookies responding to small leech patterns presented on full sink lines.  We had to place to ourselves!


Yellowstone Park 6-29-12

Run-off is peaking here. Fall River Basin is about a week or so away from worthwhile fishing. The Ashton-Flagg Road opens Sunday meaning access to Beula Lake from the west will be good.  A lot of activities will impact where you decide go fishing in the days to come in Yellowstone Park.  Brown drakes will emerge in great numbers from  meadow reaches of Duck Creek and the Gibbon River.  After walking a few miles, Shoshone Lake offers juvenile lake trout and some “knock your socks off” browns.  Lewis River between Shoshone and Lewis lakes offers even more great browns. Heart Lake Basin opens to fishing on Sunday. After an eight mile walk you can get into some of the best cutthroat trout left on earth.  Madison River PMDs and caddis are bringing action. Look for the Firehole River to slow down as the summer warms up.  Contact us for more information on fishing the Park.


Yellowstone Park 6-26-12

Still a lot of run-off coming down Fall River Basin streams.  Firehole River still fishing good (PMDs, white millers, other caddis), but warming up.  PMDs and caddis are bringing action on the Madison River. Look for brown drakes soon making for great evening fishing on Duck Creek and meadow reaches of the upper Gibbon River.  Shoshone Lake is rewarding anglers who venture out to its weed beds with juvenile lake trout and some terrific browns.   Better hurry if you want to enjoy some huge cut-bow hybrids in Trout Lake. It”ll begin warming soon and fish will become less active.


Yellowstone Park 6-23-12

Shoshone and Lewis lakes are fishing very well for those using boats. Look for weed beds and use full sink lines to present small leech patterns or lead-free fly rod jigs there.   Firehole River is still a great location for life cycle PMD and BWO patterns. Don’t overlook white miller patterns.   Madison River PMDs are attracting fish, too. Trout Lake is open now and should remain good fishing for another week or two.  Here is your chance to encounter the biggest cut-bow hybrids in the Park. Fall River Basin streams will be better fishing when run-off leaves in a week or so.


Yellowstone Park 6-9-12

The Firehole River continues to be a great destination this time of the season. White millers are bringing up fish , but so are caddis, midges, BWOs, and PMDs.  That means take life cycle patterns for all of these. Expect to see a good number of folks fishing around the traditional hot spots, too.  Fishing hot spots, that is! Duck Creek with its big rainbows and browns also remains good fishing, but wooly bugger types and bead head nymphs will bring best chances for action. Run-off progress will determine when such as Fall River Basin, Slough Creek, Snake River,  and the Lamar River become worth a visit.


Yellowstone Park 6-5-12

Madison River drainage remains the best fishing. Warm weather has put run-off in most other streams.  That means Fall River Basin streams, Snake River, Gallatin River, Lamar River and their drainages.  Lewis River is an exception.  With an eye on the weather one can get into some great streamer fishing this time of year on the channel between Lewis and Shoshone lakes. If you are a Fall River Basin fan the Ashton-Flagg Road remains closed and likely will be so for about two weeks. We will keep on top of this and report here when it opens.


Yellowstone Park 5-31-12

All Madison River drainange streams are in good shape.  This includes such as Duck Creek, Maple Creek, and Grayling Creek.  The Firehole River is a destination and is producing well.  Several mayfly species and caddis are emerging and providing action. Fall River Basin streams appear to be in good shape, but a lot of snow remains on the Madison and Pitchstone plateaus.  When weather really starts warming expect all these to start showing run-off.


Yellowstone National Park 5-26-12

It’s a cold, stormy opening here. Snow and rain mix happening along the Firehole River, a favorite early season destination. Look for caddis and a number of different mayflies emerging in big enough numbers to provide action.  Streams are mostly in good shape because of the warm spring and a bit below average winter snowfall. I’d wait for warmer weather before trying streamers for those big Lewis River channel browns or getting out on Yellowstone Lake trying for lake trout to be converted with a beer batter to delicious table fare.