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Yellowstone Park

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Yellowstone Park 6-1-2011

We have 2011 Yellowstone  Park fishing licenses and regulations. Right now the Firehole River is the best stream to fish in the Park.   Caddisfly, BWO, PMD and sally life cycle patterns are the way to go.  Don’t overlook soft hackle patterns either!


Yellowstone Park 5-28-11

General fishing season opens today. We expect to have licenses and information folders early next week.  Firehole River is your best bet for stream fishing.   BWO, PMD, and caddis life cycle patterns are standard fare for this time of year.  Don’t overlook small bead head nymphs.   Lewis Lake will offer some streamer fishing from both shore and from boats. Dress for not the best weather!


Yellowstone Park 5-21-2011

Angling season opens next Saturday, May 28th.   Right now the Firehole is flowing at normal levels, and likely will be best stream destination with BWO and caddisfly liffe cycle patterns leading the pack of effective flies.  Many other waters will be snow bound as real melting has yet to begin in much of the Park.


Yellowstone Park 10-27-10

Had a great day fishing the Beaver Meadows reach of the Madison River yesterday. Snow squalls, day long ice in the guides, and wind did not keep the run-up browns and bows from hitting streamer patterns presented in deeper runs. This is the story on all Park waters hosting browns: streamers are going to bring action.  Be prepared for wintry conditions and slick or snow packed roads when you venture into the Park.  Sadly only several days remain for fishing Park waters. Fishing season here closes on November 7th.


Yellowstone Park 10-24-10

First of all,  come dressed for winter fishing!  Stay warm & dry in order to enjoy top water fishing on the Firehole River where BWOs are out in big numbers.  In every water that hosts brown trout, streamer fishing is the way to go.  In waters without browns, streamers presented in deep waters will bring results from big cutts, brookies and ‘bows seeking forage fish. Fishing season closes the first weekend of November, so not much time is left this year to enjoy waters here.


Yellowstone Park 10-15-10

It’s brown trout time everywhere they are found. So streamer fishing is the way to go for best action.  Exception is the Firehole River where good surface action comes from BWOs, a few October caddis and midges.


Yellowstone Park 10-9-10

Big activity now is brown trout migration in the Madison, Gibbon, and Lewis rivers and Duck Creek.  Later in the month brown trout runs on the Snake and Gardner rivers will kick in.  Streamers on sink tip lines are the name of the game on all of these with low light conditions offering the best times to be on these waters.  Lewis Lake offers good trolling and shoreline casting for browns near the outlet and through the channel at the north end inlet.  Browns are now piling up in the channel below Shoshone Lake, but so are anglers.   Some of the Park’s best fishing for browns can be had here if you are the first one of the day to venture in.  If you prefer dry fly fishing, the Firehole River is fishing very well with BWOs and caddis leading the way.  Jack Frost has pretty much nipped most hopper fishing at the bud, but a few can be found around Fall River Basin streams.  Speaking of Fall River Basin, Beula Lake fishes well on bluebird days this time of year. Use small bead head nymphs, Midge pupa patterns under indicators or small leech patterns.


Yellowstone Park 9-28-10

Fishing on the Firehole river is picking up with BWOs, tricos, & caddis attracting fish.  But a cold snap in needed to really get things going.  Elsewhere good terrestrial insects are numerous as there has been no blanket killing frost.  This begins the time of year when brown and brook trout are on the move to spawning areas. Streamers are the way to encounter them, especially the big browns. These are moving into the Madison River above Hebgen Lake, but waters are warm enough that good action is in the future.   It’s much the same with the Lewis River system; A touch of cold weather would bring on best action from migrating browns.  C’mon cold snap!


Yellowstone Park 9-21-10

Some higher country frosts are beginning to nip terrestrial insects, but good populations of these exist on most streams.  This includes Fall River Basin streams, Slough and Soda Butte creeks, and the Lamar River in the meadows. Fishing on the Firehole River is picking up with hatching tricos, BWOs, mahogany duns, midges, and caddisflies providing action.  The big event for this time of year is migrating browns in the Madison, Gibbon, and Lewis rivers.  Low light conditions will be best for encountering these great fish, and streamer patterns are the flies to use.  Particular patterns are not as important as having some in light and some in dark colors.  For some reason, yellow or chartreuse colors in these flies seem to entice strikes.  Looking for still water action in the Park?    Beula Lake remains the best place to find it with a few gulpers still working, and damselfly nymph patterns sure to bring responses.   Best fishing on Lewis and Shoshone lakes this time of year is for migrating browns around their outlets and Lewis Lake’s inlet.


Yellowstone Park 9-10-10

Crowds are down and insect pests are nearly gone, too.  Hebgen Lake fish are in the Madison River, Bechler Meadows, Slough Creek meadows and Black Canyon of the Yellowstone River are full of hoppers and tricos,  same with the meadow reaches of the Madison River, Duck Creek browns are on the move, Lewis River system browns are gearing up to do the same, the weather is cooling enough for the Firehole River to be in good fishing shape. So good fishing related things are happening here.  It’s probably the best time to be fishing in the Park.