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Yellowstone Park

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Yellowstone Park 6-30-09

Waters are really shaping up here. The Madison River drainage is in great shape with PMDs, white millers, caddis, and some golden stones providing action.  Now look for brown drake emergences on Gibbon River and Duck Creek to begin.   Shoshone and Lewis lakes are proviving great action for those presenting streamers and wooly bugger types on full-sink lines. The Lewis River green drake hatch is on its way.  Fall River Basin streams are dropping to near fishable levels. The Ashton-Flagg Road is open, so the southwest corner of the Park will soon offer some of the best fishing in the region.  Right now Beula Lake is accessible and fishing quite well.


Yellowstone Park 6-26-09

Things are looking up as run-off slows on many drainages. The Madison River drainage remains the best, but look for Fall River and Lewis River drainages to begin kicking in soon. The Firehole River PMD, BWO, white miller, and caddis activities bring action.  Some of these are giving action on the Gibbon River.  Around the 4th of July,  brown drakes will begin on Duck Creek and Gibbon River.  Right now weed beds in Shoshone and Lewis lakes are producing for those presenting scud, streamer, and small leech patterns on full-sink lines.  Want to try attractor patterns? Try Grayling Creek and Cougar Creek.  Even the Gallatin is shaping up for presenting these.  Want a chance at the biggest ‘bows in the Park?  Try damselfly nymphs on Trout Lake.  Want more info on strategy and flies for these great places? Get in touch with us.


Henry’s Fork 6-26-09

Big news here is the gray drake emergence going on up and down the lower river.  It’s happening big time.  Because Fall River inflow is decreasing they are also showing up on the river below Chester!   This is an evening event, so during daytime hours look for PMDs and a few golden stone adults.  But expect heavy boat traffic because of the South Fork situation.   But look for gray drakes to bring fish up along the lower river.


Yellowstone Park 6-19-09

Rain has kept streams high, but this bodes well for a good seson extending into late summer and autumn. The Madison River drainage is probably best bet for moving water with PMDs, a few gisnt and golden stones, and caddis on almost all waters. The Lewis River between Shoshone and Lewis lakes is a great palce to try streamers. Here and below Lewis Lake  the green drake emergence wiil begin in about a week.  Trout Lake opened on the 15th, and it hosts the largest cutthroat-rainbows in the Park.  Scuds, midges, damsels and small leech patterns are the best here until it mosses up with the onset of warmer weather.  In the southwest corner of the Park, runoff reigns supreme and will for a while yet. The Ashton-Flagg Road is days away from opening all the way through.  You can use it now to access lower reaches of Fall River in the Park, but run-off makes the river almost unfishable.


Yellowstone Park 6-15-09

Firehole River, Duck and Cougar creeks are the best so far.  The Firehole is best for dry fly fishing with PMDs, BWOs and caddis. There are a few PMDs on Duck Creek, but the best approach here is with nymphs, small leech patterns and the lowly San Juan worm.   Same for Cougar Creek. Responses to the PMD emergence on the Madison River is improving.   Fall River Basin streams will be high for a while as much run-off is yet to come down.  Use a full sink line to put down scud and small leech patterns around weed beds on Shoshone  Lake. Walk the  Lewis Lake shorelines to pitch streamers on full sink lines, or use streamer tip lines to present streamers in the river above.


Yellowstone Park 6-12-09

Conditions are improving.  The Madison River PMD emergence has begun.  The river is still a bit high, but fishable. The Firehole River remains very good fishing for top water approaches.   PMDs, BWOs, caddis and a few sallys are the fare.  Duck and Cougar creeks are fishable.  Water in both is in great shape. Some PMD’s are appearing on both, but wet flies bring the best action.  Ice is off Lewis and Shoshone lakes. Trolling streamers or fishing scuds and leeches over submerged weed beds bring action. Try streamers on the Lewis River between the two lakes.  Fall River Basin streams are weeks away from fly-fishing as there is much run-off to come down.


Yellowstone Park 6-08-09

Almost the entire Park had snowy weather this weekend.   That means no real change in water levels whether in the Madison, Lewis, or Fall river drainages.  Firehole River offers the best fishing with PMDs, BWOs, and caddis life cycle patterns bringing action.  Better days are ahead when we warm up!


Yellowstone Park 6-04-09

No real change here with respect to fishing conditions. The cool, wet weather slows streams getting free of run of loads. The Firehole is perhaps the best fishing with BWO, PMD, and caddis emergences. Damselfly nymphs will work in slower waters here. The Madison River remains high, but streamer patterns on reaches where the river exits the Park will bring responses from rainbows returning to Hebgen Lake.  Gibbon River, Duck Creek, Cougar Creek, and Grayling Creek are running high.  Fall River Basin streams are weeks away from being fishable. The Ashton-Flagg Road remains closed, so access to upper Fall River and Beula Lake is not yet possible from the Idaho side.


Yellowstone Park 6-01-09

Firehole River remains the best and almost only top water fishing in the Park to date.   The river is high and “tea colored”, but this is normal for the time of year.  Caddis and BWO life cycle patterns work, and PMD’s are showing up in increasing numbers.   The Madison River is high and off color, but streamers continue to produce some nice fish. The same applies to the Gibbon River below the falls.  Most other streams are high with run off.  The Lewis River below the lake is fishable with streamers.   It will be weeks before Fall River Basin streams are fishable.


Yellowstone Park 5-28-09

No real change since our last report. Some surface action is possible on the Firehole from BWOs and caddis, but small streamers and nymphs bring the best action.  Use streamers on the Madison River and its high water in the Park to get into Hebgen ‘bows returning to the lake.