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Henry’s Fork 06-16-16

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Henry’s Fork 06-16-16

The Henry’s Fork still continues to fish well with Green Drakes, PMD’s, and Caddis. The mornings and evenings have seen a good PMD fall with rusty spinners. Green Drakes have been fishing the best in about mid day, and even fishing them blind has worked if you don’t see any of them coming off. If all else fails fishing a dry fly, the nymph fishing in the slots and behind rocks will produce a couple of fish. Lastly, the fishing right before dark with Caddis has been good.

Flies I would use:

Dry Flies: Rusty Biot Spinner size 16 & 18, CDC PMD Thorax Dun 18, Elk Hair Caddis Tan 14, Green Drake Wulff 10.

Nymphs: Bennett’s Rubber Leg Brown size 10, Psycho Prince size 16, Pheasant Tail size 16, Bead-Headed Crystal Pheasant Tail size 16 & 18.