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Henry’s Fork 10-8-16

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Henry’s Fork 10-8-16

A piece of important information is that the Fun Farm Bridge is closed.  Signage just off Highway 20 proclaims this closure, and so do the berms placed at either end of the bridge.

Increasingly streamer fishing on the Henry’s Fork will become effective as we move through October. But a current problem with presenting these along much of this river is extensive aquatic vegetation.  Trying to get streamer patterns to run deep in many locations brings contact with beds of waving weeds. Eventually this stuff will break up and drift away to impact dry fly fishing (!) Here are few ideas to help minimize those clogged up flies. Switch to a floating line and unweighted patterns when presenting in shallower water, cover upstream water, and try to keep that rod tip high. Trying shallow water is always a good strategy under low light conditions, such as twilight, because low light becomes increased cover and large pre-spawning trout are more likely to migrate with it. Some areas where weed growth interferes to a lesser degree include The Tubs above Mack’s Inn, below St. Anthony, and the Chester backwaters,