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Henry’s Fork 7-14-2011

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Henry’s Fork 7-14-2011

The entire river above St. Anthony is the best fishing in the region.  On the lower river flavs and PMDs are the mayflies of the moment with plentiful caddis. The gray drakes there are past their peak, and so are the green drakes. There are a few evening brown drakes and a stray golden stonefly or two.  All this makes for great fun figuring out what fish are taking during the time of a visit.  There are likely more flavs and brown drakes emerging on the upper river.  Wood Road 16 area would be best for evening brown drakes.  For afternoon flavs, try anywhere in the Harriman State Park reach.   Lot’s of PMDs and caddis everywhere.   So it is the same story; it’s a game of figuring out what fish are taking at a given time.