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Henry’s Fork 7-7-18

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Henry’s Fork 7-7-18


Big attraction here is the evening brown drake hatch, and it has consequences. Harriman East will see as many fly-fishers as brown drakes emerging.  This will be true especially during evenings, and the river above in Harriman Park and Last Chance will not be far behind.  Flavs, PMDs, caddis and a growing terrestrial insect population will make for good fishing during daytime hours.  With all these emergences going on along this fabled stretch of river, the lower river will see less pressure. Flavs, PMDs, caddis, and a remnant of golden stones will provide action with a building terrestrial insect population and promising to do the same from the lower Mesa Falls access on down.  Another factor in the game of “where to fish” is that the South Fork is coming on big time in offering good fishing.  That long awaited happening and the brown drake hatch, make the lower Henry’s Fork is a good candidate for experiencing less crowding.