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Henry’s Lake 10-15-10

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Henry’s Lake 10-15-10

Fish are in shallow water all around the lake.   You can have success wading at the State Park, around the hatchery, Wild Rose, and anywhere where you can find a solid bottom.   If you are boating, fish water less than six feet deep.  The cutts are tending to run in schools, so expect action for a while, then a period of nothing followed by alternating action and nothing.   Brookies seem to be concentrated around the state park-Howard Creek, Targhee Creek, west shoreline, and the hatchery.  Hybrids are were you find them.  All this moving to the shallows seems a bit strange because water temps in the lake remain around the lower fifties in Deg. F.    Makes us wonder how much better fishing will become when water temps drop into the forties in Deg. F.   Patterns proving very effective when presented on an intermediate line are bead head peacock leech, brown mohair leech with bead, and small soft hackled streamers.