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Salmon River 03-11-2009

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Salmon River 03-11-2009

11-17-2005-013Water conditions from Stanley all the way downstream to the end of the road are very good. Because of the cool weather there has been no low runoff that has discolored the river. We have heard of fish caught as high as Clayton in the last few days but keep in mind most of the fish are still in the Canyon below Salmon and will begin their last push up river in a week or so. By the end of this month the Steelhead should be  distributed throughout the entire upper Salmon.

When the weather does warm up there will be some murky water from Salmon down but it will clear after the low level snow melts and runs off.

We use many of the same patterns as in the Fall like the Green Butt Skunk, Purple Peril and Kaleidescope. Some good Spring patterns include egg sucking leeches, Golden Practitioners,  and any large buggy spey styles.