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Small Streams 6-14-16

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Small Streams 6-14-16

It appears that most run-off is over meaning that many of our small streams are in good fishing conditions. That points to these as being alternatives to the present crowded conditions on the Henry’s Fork, and the upcoming same conditions on the South Fork.

Do you want to get a bunch of fish for an upcoming 4th of July fish fry? Try Robinson Creek and tributaries, Upper Warm River, Partridge Creek, Camas Creek, Conant Creek, Sawmill Creek, and Birch Creek for brook trout. These non-native fish rolled in corn meal then fried in olive oil are fit to feed a king, and with a daily bag limit of 25, a few anglers can harvest enough to feed a party.

Some large Palisades Reservoir cutthroat remain in Bear and McCoy Creeks.  The upper Blackfoot River and its drainage open to fishing on July 1st, and the same applies to South Fork tributaries. Idaho’s Salt River tributaries (Crow, Jackknife, Stump, and Tincup Creeks) are in great fishing shape.  Warm River below the spring will feature a good combined caddisfly-PMD hatch with resident browns and rainbow responding.

So for those of you wanting to escape the crowds, but wanting some quality fishing, suggesting these makes a candidate waters sampler. There are more, and if you come to the shop, we can point them out for you.