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Small Streams 7-16-16

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Small Streams 7-16-16

Now begins the season to think terrestrial patterns for best dry fly fishing on small streams, especially when trying their meadow reaches.   Examples include Bear Creek, Birch Creek in the Family Area, Jackknife Creek, McCoy Creek, South Fork of Tincup Creek, Upper Crow Creek (too bad absentee landowners dominate the lower part), Sawmill Creek, Blackfoot River in the Wildlife Management Area, and Teton River in Teton Basin. Some of these will host decreasing PMD hatches, and almost all have caddisfly activity on-going.  Traditional patterns will always work, especially those that imitate horseflies and deer flies which take over from mosquitoes as pests on many streams. Fishing on some streams will begin to slow a bit as their run-off component drops to zero. Include Boone, Conant, and Robinson Creeks in these.