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Small Streams 8-17-13

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Small Streams 8-17-13

This time of the summer South Fork and Palisades Reservoir tributaries can offer excellent fishing if you do not mind walking a bit on most. Bear Creek , Big Elk Creek and Palisades Creek  have great trails that go for miles up each.  Palisades and Big Elk Creeks are non-motorized making for a better measure of serenity.  McCoy, Fall, and Rainy Creeks are paralleled by a good gravel roads most of their lengths, and in a few hundred yards of walking, you can cover most of these from the road.  Yellowstone cutts are the major residents of each.  McCoy Creek hosts a few browns, Fall Creek offers some brookies in upper reaches, and both Palisades and Rainy Creek have a few cutbows.  Strategy for all is about the same. When flavs emerge in late afternoon (Bear, Big Elk and Palisades), dry fly fishing is terrific. Hopper, caddis life cycle, and traditional attractors patterns work on all of these from mid day on.  Nymphing brings action in the morning.  Consdier trying one of these from now into September.  If one of these strikes up your interest, come visit us for more information.