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Small Streams 8-24-13

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Small Streams 8-24-13

In this year of diminished water supply some small streams are doing better than others. Palisades Creek and Palisades Reservoir tribs Big Elk Creek and McCoy Creek are among these. The same is for Buffalo River, Warm River and Birch Creek all of which are generously supplied with spring inflow.   Looking for a place to take a youngster or entry level person?  The Birch Creek Family Area or McCoy Creek in meadows along the road are your best bets. Both have open areas for easy access and aggressive fish although none of large sizes. Both are great dry fly streams this time of year with terrestrial patterns, caddis life cycle, and traditional attractors in small to medium sizes (#8-16) being your best bets for action.  Use a light weight rod, and you are in for a good time, and that youngster  or entry level person will have plenty of chances to learn how to hook and play fish.