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Small Streams, August 29th, 2020

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Small Streams, August 29th, 2020


Bitch Creek

Again, not much change since our last report. Streamside terrestrial insect population is at its peak nearly everywhere. Here’s a tip if you enjoy presenting hopper patterns. If a grain cutting operation is ongoing and nearby to a stream, hoppers will be on the move away from it. This means more of them end up on the water. Fish being in the water “24/7,” are aware of this and take notice. Enough said; bring hopper patterns if such activity is ongoing. Better yet, bring these patterns anywhere you try the water.

Here are a few streams to consider avoiding because of low water and hot weather (less cover and higher water temps): Blackfoot River above the reservoir, Salt river tribs coming out of Idaho, lower sections of sinks streams ( Beaver, Medicine Lodge, Camas, Little Lost). Some of the best to try these days: Teton River in the basin and below the canyon ( rattlesnakes still active in the canyon), Warm River, all Palisades Reservoir tribs, Birch Creek (in family area above Lone Pine), Bitch Creek, and Palisades Creek.