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South Fork 02/18

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South Fork 02/18

Lots of people have been getting out in the warmer weather and fishing the South Fork. Rubberlegs, midges, and small nymphs have been the most effective. Still no word about any significant midge hatches yet. The trout are eating underwater insects and nymphing is the most effective way to catch fish right now.

You can get a boat in at Wolf and take out at Byington. If you decide to take out at Byington you will need a lot of rope, or chains on your tires to pull out of the ramp. The ramp is very icy and slick. Remember there is no snow maintance on the boat ramps during the winter. If you want to float remember that short floats will take the majority the day. Float during the warmest time of the day. Always be prepared for something to happen you don’t plan on. Bring extra clothes, and I would bring extra food and other essential gear. Common sense will go a long way on the river. This rule applies year round, but in the winter when accidents happen they can esscilate into an emergency very quickly. Have fun and be safe.