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South Fork 07-25-12

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South Fork 07-25-12

Yesterday Bruce called the Bureau of Reclamation and reported on the fishing report that flows will stay at or near 13,500 cfs for at least two  to three more weeks. In August we usually start to see the emergence of the wingless golden stones that a lot of folks refer to as mutant stones. The mutants generally emerge after the water starts to drop and more cobblestone is exposed.  With water level not dropping it may delay the goldens activity for awhile.  On the flip side we should have great year of hopper fishing. With a warm and dry spring we have a large hopper crop. Combine that with the dry vegetation conditions that will concentrate the hoppers next to greener bank vegetation and the river is bank full is why I’m thinking it could be great hopper fishing year.

Meanwhile the river continues to fish well.  There are a lot of different insects hatches so you could see everything from Pale Morning duns, to sallies, golden stones, and caddis in the late evenings.