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South Fork 08-08-2016

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South Fork 08-08-2016

The South fork continues to fish well with flows staying pretty stable throughout most of the river. In the evening there are some very impressive mayfly hatches coming off, and the fishing has been great. Riffle fishing is going to be best up towards the dam, and the best bank fishing is going to be on the lower river. Hoppers are starting to make an apperance, but best action seems to be on the golden mutant stone. The lower end below Heise has a little more exposed gravel, and with that, the start of the mutant stones. To fish these with the most success, start focusing your attention on fishing mutant stones early in the morning, and later in the evening. Putting in tight casts to the bank, and using a twitch or skate on your bug will produce great success. Focus on the slower water, and stay out of the fast banks. If you find yourself on fast banks, make sure to time your casts on the slowest holding water, and dont flail casts aimlessly at the boils. As for the riffles: fishing a tandem rig with two maylfies will be the best.. For streamers I would use something big, or two smaller flies fished in tandem. Streamer fishing on the South Fork is all about figuring out what color they are interested in on that day, and that is where fishing the two fly tandem rig is helpful, fishing two different colors.

Best bugs to use:

Riffles: PMD Thorax Dun 16-18, Pmd Biot Emerger 16-18, PMD Para-spinner 16-18, Pink Albert Para-spinner 16, Rusty Spinner 16, Purple Haze 16-18, Williams Transitional Dun 16-18, Brooks Flexwing Baetis 18-20, Baetis Parachute 20.

Banks: Super Chernobyl Brown or Yellow 8-10, CFO Flamer Ant Yellow or Pink 8-10, CFO Ant Flesh 6-8, Plan B 8-10, More or Less Hopper 10-12.

Streamers: Galloup’s Sex Dungeon, Peanut envy, Kreelex Minnow, Sparkle Minnow, Sculpzilla, JJ Special, Complex Twist Bugger, El Sculpito, Prince of a Bugger.