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South Fork 10/7

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South Fork 10/7

Flows have dropped to 6400cfs. Fishing on the South Fork has been pretty good this week. Nymphing during the high bright sun has been the best strategy for hooking fish. I’m not going to tell you that hoppers and Chernobyl Ants are not working but action on these flies has slowed down considerably. I would still be throwing a hopper dropper rig and fishing the riffles and banks really hard. Fishing early and fishing late is a good idea, this is also a great time to throw streamers. On the overcast times of the day you will see Blue Wing Olives hatching. Look for fish feeding on these flies in the foam lines, and the back eddy’s. You will also get fish rising against the bank on the foam line as well.

We have a great selection of streamers here at the shop. Color is the key when streamer fishing. It is a great idea to have lots of different sizes and colors in your streamer box. If you are fishing a black streamer and you have no chases in the first 20-30 minutes, than you need to change flies. I typically will start with a  dark fly and progressively move to a lighter fly. For example I will start black, than Brown, olive, tan, cream or gray, than finish with white. For more info on streamer fishing stop in the shop and we will be happy to get you lined up with the right flies and techniques to be successful.