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South Fork 3/3/14

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South Fork 3/3/14



It’s been almost three months since we offered a South Fork report. The big change with respect to water is the flow reduction out of Palisades Dam from about 1200 cfs to about 900 cfs. This reduction means wading is more attractive than boating in much of the river. The other change is that winter is almost finished rather than beginning, and snow and ice are leaving the river edges.  With better daytime conditions already begun, getting out is more attractive. But the river remains cold with water coming out of Palisades Dam currently around 36 deg. F.  This means midges will provide the only top water fishing until water warms more. Emerger patterns in the surface film or just below will bring the most responses from feeding fish. Some of the warmer, overcast days without wind (imagine that!) could offer the best action.  Look for most fish feeding along riffles and tail outs.  If you can get to side channels, some can also host good midge activity with fish responding. Nymph fishing can be effective this time of year when riffles and runs are targeted. Small rubber leg and standard bead head patterns are good candidates for use. Try these on floating lines for shallow waters, sink tips for deeper waters.   Streamer fishing is the best way to go for a chance at larger fish.  Once again, presentation is more important than pattern selection. This time of year focus most of your efforts on deeper water and use a sink tip line and short, stout leader. We suggest Clouser types, fly rod jigs, double bunny types, sculpin imitations, and large wooly bugger variations.  Because of the cold water, dress for the occasion. That means either insulated waders or plenty of layers under those Gore-Tex types. Consider using a wading staff because the last thing you want is a dunking in 36 degree water. Looking for specific locations? Come to the shop and discuss these with us because we have reports from various locations.