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South Fork 6/21

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South Fork 6/21

Flows on the South Fork have dropped to 12,000cfs. Fishing on the river has picked up considerably with the drop in flows. Streamers, and Nymphs are your best option for catching fish right now. I would be fishing 2 rubberleg nymphs under an indicator on the banks and the riffles. San Juan worms, bead head nymphs will also produce fish.  A few notes on floating, Twin Bridges is still not accessible for floating, and will not be available for the summer. Check the side channels before you float them and make sure they are clear. Don’t forget about the new regulations that were implemented last year for camping in the canyon. You will need a fire pan, and a poop bucket that seals. You are expected to pack out what you bring in, including ashes. If you have any questions on these regulations we have some literature here are the shop for  you convenience. For any other questions call the shop.

Recommended flies:


  • Gallup’s Peanut Envy
  • Jailhouse Bugger
  • Space Invader
  • Sex Dungeon


  • Pats Rubberleg
  • Tungsten Redemption Nymph
  • Sunkist
  • Bubble Back Bead Head Emerger
  • Red San Juan Worm