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South Fork 6/23

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South Fork 6/23

Flows on the South Fork have been bumped to 16,ooo cfs. They are matching the outflow with the inflow to the reservoir. More snow is coming down the system from the warm temperatures. We could see an increase up to 18,000 cfs or higher if it gets really warm. So what does that mean to us as fisherman? Well the good news is were not totally screwed. Remember that fish still need to eat and they will do so no matter the water flow. Insects will not get washed away and they will hatch when the water temperature triggers that reaction. As far as clarity goes the river is in good shape and these small increases will not affect the color that much. Since fishing on the South Fork right now is primarily nymphing the fish will continue to key in on those nymphs. As we get closer to the Salmon Fly hatch they will really start to key in on Stonefly nymphs. Fish a big size 4 brown rubber leg or a Mega Prince. I would also fish a smaller stonefly nymph behind that. Yellow Sallies hatch about the same time as the Salmon flies. Big Copper Johns in a size 14 or 12, the Tungsten Yellow Sallie Nymph or the Golden Stone Nymph would be a good option to imitate the Yellow Sallie in its nymph stage. For any questions call the shop.