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South Fork 6/29

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South Fork 6/29

Flows this morning on the South Fork out of Irwin is at 16,300 cfs. Inflow to Palisades Reservoir has dropped and we have been informed that flows on the South Fork will decrease to 13,000 cfs. by the weekend. With this drop in flows expect the water to really start to warm up and the bug activity to start increasing. The name of the game is still nymphing, a rubberleg with some sort of dropper. If you read this report often you will already know that I prefer some type bead head nymph dropped 18-24 inches below the rubberleg. The dropper really doesn’t mater but my favorites are Prince Nymph, Red Copper John, and the Redemption nymph. The distance from your indicator to your first fly is critical this time of year. A general rule is about 7-8 feet, but with the high water I have been fishing 9-10 feet. Fish will begin to move into the pour overs and riffles as the water drops. No word on the Stonefly hatch but we will keep you updated as soon as we hear something from a reliable source. Be careful from Byington to Lorenzo, the South Channel is not passable, there is not enough water to float it. Be sure to check out the side channels before you float so you don’t get stuck. Good luck and be safe.