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South Fork 7-12-12

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South Fork 7-12-12

The dry fly fishing has been very good and we don’t see any reason that the conditions will change.  There are great hatches daily of Pale Morning Duns, yellow sallies, golden stones and the big Salmon flies are well into the Swan Valley area.  At some point in the day you should some good action on the big stones as far down as Wolf. The most consistent dry action though will come from the smaller sallies, goldens and PMD’s. The flow from Palisades Dam   is 13,400 cfs and the water temp is 54 degrees.

If you get a early am start consider using streamers(Clousers, J.J. Specials, Lite Brite Buggers)and big nymphs(rubbers legs, mega prince nymphs with a small nymph dropper) before the dry fly fishing starts. It takes until late morning for the riffles to turn on. We have been having the best luck  fishing the different stages of Pale Morning Duns. If the fish start to refuse your dun imitations try a cripple, captive dun, emerger or mayfly nymph as a dropper.