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South Fork 7-5

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South Fork 7-5

The South Fork has Salmon flies hatching in really good numbers, the Yellow Sallies, Green Drakes and PMD’s have been hatching as well. So why are the fish really hesitant to rise and we haven’t had off the charts dry fly fishing? That’s a good question most of us figure its because of the large amount of food throughout the water column there is not a large need for the trout to eat dries off the surface. The good news is this will change and the nymphing is fantastic! Lots of fish are being caught under the surface right now. We suggest throwing a Chenobyl Ant with nymph droppers. Some of our Salmon Fly patterns are big enough to float a Rubberleg and that is a great combination! This way you will catch the fish eager to eat a dry fly and all the other ones eating nymphs. The fish are super healthy this year and they are fighting hard. The banks and the riffles are fishing good. Call the shop for up to the minute reports.