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South Fork 7/26

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South Fork 7/26

Fish have gotten picky in the riffles and the banks. Luckily that doesn’t mean the fishing is slow. In fact the fishing is really good. Fish Stonefly Patters really close to the bank. Close means inches from the bank not a couple feet. Chubby Chernobyls have been working really well. I like the Rootbeer and Pink color. Make sure your flies in the riffles are drag free. Emergers have been the most successful compared to adult mayflies. The Transitional Dun and the Film Critic have really worked well. Don’t get frustrated if your not slaying the fish, try to figure out why you have not been successful. The fish are eating but it requires some hard work. Take a step back and watch the fish work. For example; If you see them in the riffles moving around but not rising to dry flies put a dropper on. There have been a lot of people on the river these last weeks. Remember to use common courtesy and common sense. If you are camping remember to check up on the regulations for camping in the canyon. We have the brochure here at the shop.