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South Fork 8-10-09

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South Fork 8-10-09

Flow out of Palisades Dam is down to 9200 cfs and therefore around 10200 cfs at Heise.  Now that the lower river has kicked in with great fishing you have a wonderful choice of places to enjoy the South Fork whether you prefer to fish from a boat or walk-in and wade.  Try  riffles for fish feeding  mid day or in the early PM on emerging PMDs, sallys, and caddisflies.  Slam hopper, other terrestrial patterns, or chernobyl types against banks or around overhead cover.   Do the same with slightly submerged super-x and super renegade patterns.  Try evenings when fish respond to caddis swarms or are more likely to respond to streamers presented close to banks and through transitions.   Somewhere along the river any of these techniques will work.  Now is the time of year when the South Fork offers it all.

Lost about 11 this morning on the South Fork about four miles above Heise: An 11.5-foot Dave Scadden Pontoon boat, white with blue bunting and holding fishing contents.  Could be anywhere downstream on the main river or side channels.  If found please call 208-227-0107.