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South Fork 8-13-19

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South Fork 8-13-19

Above Menan (640x480)

Not much of a change since our last report. Even flow out of Palisades Dam is about the same, and walk-in wade fishing conditions are near perfect. Riffles, banks, flats, and side channels are all producing action. Pink alberts, PMDs, caddis, and hoppers, beetles, and ants bring dry fly action by mid-day. Rubber legs, super renegades and hopper-borne nymph droppers provide day-long wet fly action.

With all the hype surrounding newly created patterns, one of total South Fork reliability is nearly forgotten, except in the minds of  long-time South Fork enthusiasts.   That would the renegade in sizes 12 and 14.  Add some to your fly box and present them dry in riffles, in front of well vegetated banks, and at tops and tails of runs whether in the main river or in side channels.  You will be certain about keeping some in that fly box the rest of the season on visiting the South Fork.