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South Fork 8-14-09

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South Fork 8-14-09

Flows out of Palisades Dam are down to 7700 cfs and 8500 cfs at Heise. This is a dream come true for those fly-fishers waiting to enjoy fishing riffles.  Lower water means deeper penetration of light into riffles.  This is just the ticket along with good water temperature to get aquatic insects emerging in bigger numbers from riffles.  The lower flows are also a gift to those who prefer walk-in wade fishing.  More riffles are approachable, and safer wading is at hand.  Flows out of Palisades Dam will drop further as the irrigation season winds down.  So expect even more choices for walk-in wade fishing.  For float fishers flows at the present levels allow safe passage throughout the river.  True, a few places will become tougher to navigate (like the lost option of taking out at Twin Bridges), but with the wide variety of  strategies, eager trout everywhere along the river and effective flies, the river is at its best right now.   Get in touch with us or stop by to see which strategy and what fly selection fits best on the section of river you are considering to visit.

LOST AT WARM RIVER SPRING: Hand made 9-foot fly rod with G. Loomis reel, all in red case.  If found call John Davis 208-5552-0817.

LOST ON THE SOUTH FORK ABOVE WOLF: Two Sage rods in a double case when a boat dumped. If found, please call Jimmy’s  208-524-7160