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South Fork 8-15-2011

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South Fork 8-15-2011

Flow out of Palisades Dam is where it should be for the time of year—9000 cfs.  With lower flows, the river below is clearing and not scouring banks & bottom to release annelids, nymphs, grubs, etc. as in weeks past. That means fish will go to the surface more often to seek food.  So dry fly fishing is finally improving with caddisflies and mayflies emerging and stream side terrestrial insects present in abundance.    Chubby chernobyls, Berrett’s golden stone, your favorite ant, beetle and hopper patterns, PMD and caddisfly life cycle patterns should be in your fly box.  If you plan to take out of the river at the Twin Bridges south channel site be prepared to push your boat over an upstream gravel bar that has emerged from the dropping flows.  This gravel bar should be visible in the clear water.