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South Fork 8-16-10

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South Fork 8-16-10

With flow out of Palisades Dam at just under 9000 cfs, the river now has numerous walk-in fishing locations as well as being excellent for float fishing.  Get in touch with us to help choose best walk-in locations because for the rest of the season walk-in fishing will be a great alternative to float fishing.   What is going on “bugwise” on the South Fork?  Throughout the river emerging PMDs, sallys and caddis continue to make riffle fishing great, but with hoppers in good numbers, hitting the banks brings action similar to that during the recent big stonefly emergences.   A lot of folks are enjoying the South Fork’s great fishing these days, so be patient and considerate.   Remember: there enough trout for all to enjoy, but you want a little solitude on this wonderful river, get in touch with us—we know where & how you can find some there.