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South Fork 8-24-19

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South Fork 8-24-19


SF With Baldy 2 (640x480)

So far it has been a great year for fishing the South Fork, and indications are it will continue to be this way.   Much of this can be attributed to weather, water quality and management of flow out of Palisades Dam. That flow of quality water has been essentially constant for  much of the summer.  Riffles are plentiful and in an amount big enough to spread fishing out up and down the river.  PMDs and pink alberts continue to emerge in great numbers from them, so their life cycle patterns will bring interest from resident trout.  Terrestrial insects are adding to the great riffle fishing especially on the lower river.   Try your favorite, hopper, beetle and ant patterns.  Try double rigs such as a chernobyl variation or hopper pattern of your choice trailed with an ant or beetle pattern.