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South Fork 8-17-09

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South Fork 8-17-09

The increase in flow out of Palisades Dam by 500 cfs has no negative impact on fish activity.  Right now the combination of good light penetration and water temperature is making for some of the best riffle fishing in years all up & down the river.   Look for this to remain the same for quite a while unless a big flow increase out of Palisades Dam happens.   During daytime on the riffles emerging PMDs and slate cream dun mayflies  provide action.   Evening PMD spinner falls and caddisfly flights are great events in which to find action.   Placing  terrestrial and chernobyl patterns around overhead cover (grassy banks, overhanging logs & rocks, undercuts, etc.) is also effective, and when we begin to cool in a few weeks, do the same with streamers.  For now be sure to have streamers when you fish during early and late hours.  Nymphing with big patterns such as rubberlegs also produces.  No big numbers of mutant stoneflies yet, but hopper patterns will do just fine for the big dry fly enthusiast.  In short, the South Fork is at the top of its game with a variety of  productive strategies.   Now is the time to really enjoy this great and beautiful river.  If you need information on how to do so, get in touch with us.