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South Fork 9/14

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South Fork 9/14

Things have started to pick back up on the South Fork. Dry Fly fishing is not over for the season and many fish have been up eating Parachute Adams, Mahogany Duns, Blue Wing Olives, Chernobyl Ants and Hoppers. The Dry dropper technique has been working well for me in the mornings and I have been switching to smaller dries against the bank in the afternoons. I have had great success with the Frumpy Humpy fly the last few days. I have been throwing the green and peacock frumpy humpy against the bank and in the flats. I think the trout have been taking it as a Black Ant pattern. Weather has played a big role in the hatches on the river. Look for the Blue Wings to hatch in the morning on Sunny days and the Caddis to hatch towards sundown. On cloudy or rainy days expect a hatch all day and the fishing to be awesome. As far as droppers go I have been using Zebra Midges, Redemption Nymphs and various other bead head droppers.