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Still Water 10/4

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Still Water 10/4

Daniels Reservoir provides the best action here. Again, concentrate efforts around and above the trees at the upper end. The west side bay is also a very good place to see action. Taking flies include hallowe’ens, green apple leeches and your favorite leech pattern. Springfield Reservoir is fishing well for those trying open water. Use intermediate lines to get your favorite leech and scud patterns to the taking depth. Use floating lines to present midge pupa patterns under a strike indicator. Twenty-four Mile Reservoir is very low with muddy shorelines somewhat difficult to negotiate. Fish are there, but getting to them is best through floating. Fishing at Chesterfield Res. is picking up, and the water is slowly rising as storage for next year is in progress. That’s a good sign for carrying fish over to next season. For now use intermediate lines to present your favorite leech pattern. Island Park Reservoir is about half full, so concentrate your fishing around cooler water such as around Trude and Grizzly springs.