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Still Water 4-20-10

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Still Water 4-20-10

Many of these are ice-free now, so get your tubes and boats in shape to launch. Daniels Reservoir has been ice-free for several days now. Midge pupa below strike indicators and small leech or other patterns to simulate damselfly nymphs are the flies to use. If you fish the shallower waters, don’t overlook dragonfly nymph patterns. Trout love these big nymphs in the early season.  It’s  a reason why big woolly bugger types fished close or on bottom are effective.  Ice is off Chesterfield Res., but so far fishing is slow.  For 24-Mile Reservoir getting there is the question.  Recently doing so required a long walk meaning the road is not in the best shape yet. That’s great for keeping down the crowds, and means either walking the shore line or carrying a float tube for getting out on the water.  Evenings and early AMs are the best time to be on Springfield Res.  Big midges are emerging, and small leech patterns are effective to simulate damselfly nymphs.  Don’t forget the words given above about dragonfly nymphs. Their patterns work at Springfield Res. this time of year.