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Still Water 7-20-09

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Still Water 7-20-09

If you enjoy fishing damselfly life cycle patterns, Chesterfield Reservoir is the place for you. Set up a floating line and head for coves, transitions and shallows having lily pads and/or submerged weeds. Daniels is also fishing well with damselflies providing action as well as speckled duns beginning to show.   Walk the east side shoreline and present damselfly life cycle patterns until wind comes up, then launch your boat or ‘tube and head for the upper end.   Slowly troll a small leech using an intermediate line as you go.   Watch for fish taking adult damselflies on the surface.  On seeing them switch to a floating line to present your favorite adult imitation.  This technique will also work on Springfield, Twenty-four Mile, and Hawkins reservoirs.  If you do not have responses to damselfly life cycle patterns, midge pupa under an indicator will bring action so long as you find the taking depth.