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Still Water 7-30-12

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Still Water 7-30-12

As Bruce stated in our last fishing report, irrigation demands have left a lot of lakes down south with very little water. Surface temps on all these lakes are over 70 degrees and have been for a long time. I personally would not recommend fishing any of the lakes down south right now, unless you plan on keeping what you catch. With the water being so warm for so long, even a fish you revive is probably not going to make it. The Sand Creek Ponds surface temps are hovering right around 70 degrees and the fishing seems to have slowed down there as well. This will surely change once things start to cool down in the area, but for now it may be best to hit the river or head north for your stillwater fix. We are just starting to hear of some gulper activity up on Hebgen, so heading up there may be a good bet. Another good bet this time of year is chasing some bass. The heat doesn’t bother bass like it does trout. If you have never fly fished for bass before you should try it out, it can be addicting! We have a lot of good bass water in the area. There are a few guys in the shop who get after bass and would be glad to show you some things to get you going.