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Still Waters 5-3-16

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Still Waters 5-3-16

Still water fishing pressure will really increase as we warm up this month. In preparation for this IDF&G has released their stocking plan for the region. Here are some highlights from it with respect to numbers of rainbow trout to be released sometime this month.

Ashton Reservoir 1300, Blue Creek Reservoir 2000, Harriman Fish Pond (dam has been repaired, so isn’t dry anymore!) 1500, Horseshoe Lake¬† 1500, Island Park Reservoir 2400, Mackay Reservoir 4200, Ririe Reservoir 6700, Sand Creek #1 3500, Sand Creek #4 1500, Teardrop Lake 800, and Jim Moore Pond (Roberts Gravel Pond) with 1800 tiger trout.

View the entire plan on the IDF&G’s web site Upper Snake Region page.