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Still Waters 6-14-14

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Still Waters 6-14-14

Twenty-four Mile and Daniels Reservoirs feature damselfly activity with fish responding. Try just about anywhere on Twenty-Four Mile, and concentrate on the upper end and creek mouth at Daniels. Some folks are having success just walking the banks at Daniels, thanks to our friend the wind causing wave action stirring up the bottom and so freeing up all sorts of food forms.  On both reservoirs fish also take midge pupa patterns under an indicator so long as you find the taking depth.  Hawkins Reservoir  also has fish taking damselfly nymphs, but its water level is beginning to drop because of irrigation demands. We do not have as much info on Chesterfield Reservoir, but based on what Twenty-Four and Daniels are offering there has to be some good fishing there with damselfly nymphs and midge pupa patterns.