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Still Waters 6-22-2011

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Still Waters 6-22-2011

All of these are coming around to good fishing. Damselfly nymphs on intermediate lines around weed beds in shallow water is the best strategy.  Midge pupa patterns under an indicator on a floating line are also effective. Try these everywhere including Daniels, Hawkins, Springfield, and Chesterfield reservoirs.  Speaking of Chesterfield Reservoir, much of the land along the west and south shoreline is private property. It is to be crossed by foot traffic only.  The landowner has expressed some concern that some cases of vehicle trespass has happened with garbage being left on the property. For many anglers, foot access to the reservoir across this property is the only way to effectively access the reservoir.  We do not want to lose this access, so  please respect the land owner’s wish of foot travel only.

Warm water species activity you ask?  Hasn’t started yet.  We need more days of summer this year of cool, wet springtime.   We’ll keep posted on when things pick up here.